The guys from The Fast Lane Car have been on a bit of a Tesla kick lately. They just bought a Model X about six months ago after trading in a Model 3 they only had for a short time. While they do point out that there are some quality issues with the Model X, they are very happy with it in many ways and they'd definitely buy it again.

Some of this Tesla's most obvious standout features are its eager acceleration, loads of cargo space, and amazing technology. The Fast Lane Car says Tesla is a much better tech company than an automaker. They remind us that they've driven a massive list of cars, but have not really found anything that compares to Tesla when it comes to the touch screen, voice controls, configurable digital gauge cluster, Autopilot, etc.

The Fast Lane Car also calls attention to how much Tesla is changing the entire vehicle experience, from the way you purchase the car, to the mobile app, mobile service technicians, over-the-air updates, the built-in dashcam, Sentry Mode, and the list goes on.

They had to have the Model X serviced just one time so far. It was easy to schedule via the mobile app, the technician came to them, and the work was done quickly and efficiently.

Be sure to carve out some time to check out the video. These guys have a whole lot more to share about their Tesla Model X ownership experience. As always, scroll down and leave us a comment.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Was Buying A Brand New Tesla Model X A Huge Mistake? 6-Month Ownership Update!

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