Electric cars are usually quicker than internal combustion-engined cars thanks to their instant full power delivery and because they don’t require gearboxes. However, keen drivers are still shying away from them because their lack of noise makes them feel less exciting to drive, even if the performance is all there and then some.

Well, perhaps U.K.-based Milltek Sport, a company renowned for its exhausts, might have found a solution to that. It has created a system that mimics the sound of an internal-combustion engine, both inside and outside the car; and the sound it creates is deep and believable, according to Archie Hamilton Racing.

It’s also quite loud - if you crank it all the way up via its phone app, it can be as loud as 98 decibels. In essence, it can turn your EV into a Lamborghini with a V10 or a V12... at least until whoever hears it turns around and sees that it’s actually an electric car with some trickery going on.

In the video, the system is demonstrated on a Tesla Model 3 Performance and the video’s host seems quite impressed with how it sounds. We’re a little more reserved on calling it a good idea, since pumping fake engine noise inside and out of an all-electric vehicle is pointless and it partly defeats the purpose.

Sure, you can turn it off and only have it on when you want to get a reaction from people, but since it doesn’t really serve a functional purpose, it’s just a gimmick. It currently only makes gasoline engine noises, but in the future, Milltek plans to add more futuristic sounds for it to play - maybe something like what Porsche did with the Taycan (amplifying the sounds the car already made) is a more suitable way to make an EV louder and more exciting.

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