The Porsche Taycan is fully electric, so just like Tesla vehicles, it's virtually silent, at least as far as its propulsion is concerned. This is not to say that electric motors don't make any sound, but it's not anything like the sound you get from a traditional, internal combustion engine.

Driving enthusiasts who have spent their lives enjoying the sounds and smells of gas cars may not be that excited about these newfangled, quiet, "smokeless," EVs. That is, until they get the opportunity to drive one.

However, what if you're a car lover and you experience an EV like the Tesla Model S or Porsche Taycan for the first time, you fall in love almost immediately with the car's instant torque, incredible acceleration, etc., but you just can't deal with the fact that the car is so quiet?

Porsche has the answer in the form of a $500 option, which you can find on the car's online configurator. The automaker calls it "Electric Sport Sound." It adds simulated "motor" sound inside and outside of the vehicle. Once you've paid for the sound, you can still choose to activate or deactivate it using the car's infotainment screen.

Porsche describes the sound on its configurator and offers a sample so you can hear it:

"Porsche Electric Sport Sound enhances the vehicle’s own sound and makes it sound even more emotional — both outside and inside the vehicle. Can be activated/deactivated via Porsche Communication Management (PCM)."

While we're not here to say that sound is bad, we're not really sure that you should have to pay for it as an option. A simple mp3 file for $500?

Well, it is Porsche, and the company has a reputation for charging extra for everything. This makes sense because they know people will pay. Heck, it's almost certain that Porsche will make a profit selling the Taycan, which is still proving to be a struggle for Tesla.

At any rate, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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