Hacksmith Industries (the Hacksmith on YouTube) built its own half-scale Cybertruck over the course of a month. We recently shared another video about the Hacksmith Cybertruck, which featured a fun tug-of-war at the end. In this more recent video, Tesla YouTube influencer Mother Frunker visits Hacksmith Industries to check out its Cybertruck in person.

The Hacksmith Cybertruck looks like it's about the size of the Tesla Model 3, at least in the image below. While it's not actually quite that big, it has room for a few people and it's fully functional. In addition, the attention to detail is second to none.

hacksmith cybertruck

Hacksmith spent over $50,000 on the project, and that's after getting many parts for free. Check out the video above and the gallery below for more details. Then, scroll down to see how it all came to be. 

Gallery: The Hacksmith Finally Finishes Half-Scale Tesla Cybertruck

Video Description via Mother Frunker on YouTube:

Half Scale Cybertruck from The Hacksmith meets Motherfrunker | My thoughts seeing it in person

It took just over a month but "The Hacksmith" Youtubers have build a half scale Cybertruck. This version of the Cybertruck is exactly one half the size of the real Cybertruck. The amount of details that they put in is absolutely amazing. The screen is running a custom app that matches the Cybertruck UI. They included the lights, a charger, etc. It recently even pulled a F-150 truck in a tug of war.

The guys behind this Cybertruck are awesome. They had a showing of it a few days ago. Fortunately I live close enough that I got to attend. Again, these engineers were super nice and answered every and all questions. Comparing motherfrunker side by side to the half scale cybertruck really gives you an idea as to how big the actual cybertruck is going to be.

Please check out the Hacksmith and subscribe to them if you haven't already.

The Hacksmith has a build series that I highly recommend watching.

We've embedded the other Hacksmith videos below:

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