We'll warn you ahead of time to turn down your speakers at the beginning of this video. This is especially true if you have dogs like ours that are frightened by smoke alarms. However, to be honest, the Tesla Model 3 has an alarm sound that's actually kind of silly – it almost sounds like a truck backing up – though you also get the "scary" music, which is more difficult to hear in the video: two different versions of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

At any rate, Tesla owner and popular YouTuber Jack Massey Welsh finds the Model 3 alarm pretty useless. This is not due to its alarm sounds, but instead, the lengths you have to go to set it off.

While the video is a bit long, it's worth watching since we all need a laugh these days. Welsh shows that with the car locked, no key in hand, and Sentry Mode engaged, he can't get the Model 3's alarm to go off by pulling on door handles, bumping the car, shaking the car, dancing on the tires, jumping on the car, and sitting inside the car and moving around. He even leaves the window open and messes with buttons, unlocks the doors, etc., but no alarm.

On the flip side, Welsh says the Model 3 alarm has engaged by accident a few times when he had his dogs inside. We'd love more information on this. If you own a Model 3, let us know your experience with the alarm.

Video Description via Jack Massey Welsh on YouTube:

Why the Tesla Model 3 Alarm is USELESS!

Why the Tesla Model 3 Alarm is USELESS! Today me & Becky wanted to find out exactly what you needed to do to set off the alarm in my Tesla Model 3, & it turns out you need to do quite a lot!

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