We have already spoken of all the electric pickup trucks promised for the US in the next few years. The list goes well beyond the Tesla Cybertruck, the Rivian R1T, and the Ford F-150 Electric. Nikola will sell the Badger, GM will have the Hummer EV by GMC, and there are also the Atlis XT, Bollinger B2, and Fisker Alaska. What is the best way to catch up with all these new vehicles? Perhaps a video, such as this one above, made by the Infowealth YouTube channel.

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If you have been following this future market segment here at InsideEVs, you are more than up to date, but it is hard to remember everything. That is where this video can come in handy. You can also share it with friends that are not so much into the subject as you are.

Infowealth starts with the electric pickup truck that will probably hit the market in the first place. If all goes as planned, that will be the Rivian R1T. It was a highly anticipated vehicle until the Cybertruck was introduced with a lower price tag.


Despite offering tank turn, the R1T is considered as a high-end product. More than that, it is an electric pickup truck that looks like a traditional one. That may help it sell in good numbers for more conservative pickup truck buyers, even if Loup Ventures has discovered that they are also considering the Cybertruck.

There are still some products to emerge, such as the possible Ram version of the Nikola Badger. We’ll probably see new companies take a stand as well. Anyway, if you just want to know what has happened so far regarding pickup trucks that promise to burn nothing but tires, this video will certainly help.

Video Description Via Infowealth On YouTube:

Electric pickup trucks have come a long way and lot of traditional car manufacturers and startups are coming into into this segment and the future looks very promising. Watch this video for more details.

Cybertruck might arrive early ahead of schedule.

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