This TeslaCam video captures a reckless or perhaps just a careless driver in a BMW X5 that proceeds to run a Tesla Model 3 off the road and then leaves the scene. Meanwhile, the Model 3 has to dodge a tree and drive through a dirt field after being pushed off the roadway.

This could simply be a case of the driver of the BMW X5 not seeing the Model 3 in the other lane, but if so, then why leave the scene as though nothing happened?

From the video, it seems the BMW driver was oblivious to the fact that there was a car in the lane into which it was attempting to merge into. As the BMW merges over, the driver of the Model 3 acts quickly to avoid a collision. However, there's nowhere for the Model 3 to go but off of the road. As the Tesla exits the road, a big tree is seen ahead. Luckily, the driver of the Tesla is able to avoid the tree. The Model 3 then drivers through some dirt before veering back toward the roadway.

It's at this point in time when we see the BMW X5 again and it just drives off as though nothing happened. If you watch the clip, it seems the BMW had slowed down after realizing what occurred, but why didn't the driver stop to apologize or at least to check on the driver of the Model 3 to make sure everything was okay?

Video description via Robert Larsen on YouTube:

Dude driving "Tampa Headshots" BMW X5 decides to turn into my lane.

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