UPS, which intends to buy 10,000 Arrival electric delivery vans, starts tests of an all-electric Gaussin Trailer and Swap Body Movers (TSBM), known in the logistics industry as “shifters”.

This special EV will be used for on-property movements of semi-trailers and containers in the UPS’s advanced-technology London Hub in the UK.

Being electric is not the only advantage of the Gaussin TSBM, as it has also autonomous driving capability, which will be tested later this year.

The press release does not provide any details about the range or other parameters, besides the battery swap feature, which might allow for 24/7 work, without breaks for charging.

"Gaussin electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions and include novel battery-swap technology, which enables the shifters to be operated day and night, as the discharged battery pack is immediately replaced by a fully charged one. Additionally, the vehicles will have numerous cameras, sensors and sophisticated algorithms to improve safety. These technologies will continue to create efficiencies and improve safety in UPS operations."

"Gaussin and UPS Engineering teams have been in close collaboration since 2018 to co-develop a versatile, upgradable and competitive electric shifter vehicle. The Gaussin shifter UPS is testing in London can move trailers, semi-trailers and containers in both manual and autonomous mode."

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Juan Perez, UPS chief information and engineering officer said:

“These tests are part of a major UPS effort to integrate electric vehicles throughout our global network. Gaussin’s shifters will help cut our fuel costs and reduce emissions. We’re also eager to test the shifters in autonomous driving mode. This is a great opportunity for us to evaluate technologies on our own property.”

Carlton Rose, UPS president of global fleet maintenance and engineering said:

“Testing these electric and autonomous-capable shifters is part of UPS’s transformation strategy, which is enabled by technology and innovation. We continue to pursue and deploy the latest vehicle technology that has the potential to enhance our operational efficiency, while taking an evolving approach in implementing autonomous vehicle technologies.”

Christophe Gaussin, Gaussin chief executive officer said:

“This collaboration with UPS brought valuable insights to Gaussin engineering teams, and we are pleased to see the vehicle in live operations. Our shifters will save maintenance and energy costs. Our unique battery swap system will allow continuous operations and will contribute to UPS’s operational efficiency and productivity increases.”

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