Hyundai has called its latest concept Prophecy because in the company’s view, it foretells what future models will look like. It also potentially announces a future where cars don’t have steering wheels any more, since the only control method are a couple of joysticks next to the driver’s seat.

It is obviously envisioned as an autonomous luxury mobility pod, more so than an actual car, so while the exterior is smooth and understated, its interior exudes futuristic luxury. According to its designers, the outside look of the car was modeled after a pebble on the beach, and you can really see it - usually, designers say they were inspired by a certain thing, but you can’t really see it in the finished design, whereas here it’s plainly obvious.

The design philosophy behind it is called Sensuous Sportiness, but there’s also a whiff of stretched Porsche 911 about it, with the dramatically dipping rear end dominated by a huge wing. And even if said wing is translucent and packed full of LEDs, it’s quite clearly similar to a 911’s rear wing.

There are also no visible air intakes at the front of the car - unlike BMW which showcased the Concept i4 that has massive non-functional grilles, the Hyundai Prophecy concept has a hidden front air intake that feeds air to cool the battery; the air is drawn from underneath the front bumper.

Hyundai Prophecy concept

The concept also debuts Hyundai’s ‘pixel lamp lights’ which will become a visual signature of its future production models. On this design study, they are integrated into the headlight clusters, the tail light clusters as well as the rear spoiler.

In regards to it not having a steering wheel, the manufacturer says this improves safety and the driver can take control of the car at any time through using the two joysticks. The interior is seen as more of a lounge, with a reclined position for all seats and an ambiance that encourages those on-board to be relaxed.

Gallery: Hyundai Prophecy concept

Hyundai makes no mention as to the specifics of the all-electric powertrain that motivates this concept. All we’re told in the official press blurb is the fact that it’s an EV.

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