Aptera's new video ad comes right out and says it: Oil is the devil. Not that we don't agree with what they're saying, but they certainly don't mince their words getting their point across. 

"Are we capable of change?" the narrator asks in the opening moments while three children wearing gas masks and standing in front of oil refineries spewing pollution in the air. As the camera moves past the children, the refineries come into focus. The video then talks about some of the terrible things happening around the globe, and blames much of those problems on oil. 

We're not saying they're wrong; we believe we have to get off oil as a fuel as quickly as possible. We'll still need it for a lot of other things like manufacturing, but the days of burning it for energy have to end, and the sooner the better. 

Aptera ad
Scared yet?

We just wonder if there isn't a better way to promote their concept vehicle. They aren't going to scare people into an Aptera by showing them kids with gas masks, in our opinion. We get it. We need to transition to clean energy, clean cars, sustainable manufacturing, etc.

How about telling us more about why Aptera is the car to choose over, say, a Tesla? Why not list some cool facts about the cost of operation, how much you'll save over a gas car, and how much cargo you can fit in there along with two passengers because it doesn't look like it will be able to hold that much. The specs say 25 ft³ of cargo space, but that sounds like a lot for that shape, I'd like to see how it's calculated. 

We're hoping Aptera can complete the comeback and make it to production this time around. But in our minds, they need to move past the saving the planet theme and start showing potential customers how it can replace their gas car and save their budget. That's what's going to get them the investors they are currently seeking, and hopefully, do what the original company couldn't. That is, to actually make and sell the cars. 

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