Brian Jenkins (i1Tesla) and Kyle Conner (Out of Spec Motoring) are still at it. They've spent the last several days putting the Tesla Model Y Performance through the paces for our education and enjoyment. These most recent videos test acceleration and performance with different wheels.

The Model Y Performance gets 21-inch wheels if you tick the Performance Upgrades package. The guys test these wheels, 18-inch Martian Wheels, and 19-inch TSW wheels with Pilot CUP 2 tires. Have a look at the brief video above for a breakdown of the results. Then, scroll down for more details.

We've also shared Jenkins' followup video below. It shows the tire swapping process and talks about the fit and weight of the wheels. Check out both videos and then share your wisdom with us in our comment section.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

TESLA Model Y 0-60 with Different Wheels

Out of Spec Motoring

Video Description:

Will They Fit and Weights of Wheels

Stock 21-inch Model Y wheels
19-inch TSW wheels with Pilot CUP 2 tires
18-inch Martian Wheels
20-inch Stock Model 3 Performance wheels

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