It turns out Tesla made some changes to the Tesla Model Y center console as compared to that of the Model 3. This wasn't something we noticed at first, but the above video clears it up.

We've already provided you with plenty of videos showcasing the all-new Tesla Model Y. Of course, one of the first steps many people have taken is to compare it to the Model 3. This makes sense since the vehicles are built on the same platform and share plenty of components We've learned about a few key differences. For example, the Model Y has a heat pump, which will help people with range concerns in cold weather.

As more people take delivery of the Model Y and begin to field questions, we'll continue to learn more. We've already heard complaints that Tesla used the same "piano black" finish on the center console. In addition, people have pointed out that it's basically the same as the one in the Model 3. However, as Erik Strait (DAErik) points out, Tesla actually made changes to the center console.

Check out the brief video to see the details up close. As always, scroll down and leave us a comment.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

Model Y Center Console vs Model 3. Tesla Changed It!

I've seen a lot of comments asking about the center console in the Model Y. Tesla did in fact change it instead of using the exact same console from the Model 3.

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