When we first wrote about Rich Rebuilds’ new project, a Tesla Cyberquad tribute, we bet on a Zero Motorcycle’s drivetrain. This video confirms it was the logical choice, but also shows some of the challenges that still lie ahead of the project.

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The first one has been to remove the combustion engine from the quad. Rich Benoit was having a hard time to remove the bolt that held it in place and had no other option than cutting it. It was apparently bent and did not move because of that.

In the dismantling process, Benoit discovered the original quad, a Yamaha Raptor 700R, had already been through repairs, probably due to a crash. Although the frame is blue, the seat structure is red. It was likely a replacement taken from another crashed ATV.

The video also shows the Zero bike Benoit bought to have the battery pack and all the other components that the Cyberquad will demand, such as the controller and the motor. He took it back home with a small trailer in the midst of heavy snow.

Tesla Cyberquad From Rich Rebuilds Gets Zero Motorcycles Power

As we have told you before, Tesla removed the free supercharging Delores had since Benoit fixed a salvage Model S and gave it a name. That made the whole towing process a lot more concerning than it would typically be.

At the garage, Benoit saw the Zero motorcycle he bought was not in the same conditions as that one that helped him build his rat rod. It was way worse, but he will probably be able to use it as a donor vehicle anyway.

Tesla Cyberquad From Rich Rebuilds Gets Zero Motorcycles Power

Benoit is still considering how to install the battery pack, what to do to have the Cyberquad’s body on the Yamaha frame – something the original Tesla vehicle also has – and is also pondering on changing the belt drive for a sprocket. When he decides about that, he’ll probably have a much more fun ATV than the Raptor 700R ever was, even in mint condition.

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