BYD Delivered More Than 10,000 Plug-In Cars Again In September

OCT 18 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

For the fourth month in a row, BYD sold more than 10,000 plug-in electric cars.



The 10,114 deliveries however translates to a relatively slow (for BYD anyway) pace of growth – 76% year-over-year. That’s great result, but it’s the company’s slowest in more than two years.

We are not sure whether the demand has currently peaked at 10,000 cars a month in China where BYD makes them available, or just that BYD is experiencing some production bottlenecks at this volume level.

Total plug-in sales after nine months now stand at 73,785 (which is up 106% year-over-year).

Given the strong end of year sales trends for China, the 100,000 mark will surely fall this year and well, BYD will be first to sell 100,000 plug-ins in single year – and for a single country.  No small feat.  Next year we expect Tesla will also manage to sell 100,000 all-electric cars in the single year.

BYD August sales breakdown:

  • Qin – 3,125
  • Tang – 2,120
  • e5 – 2,094
  • Qin EV300 – 1,534
  • e6 – 1,241
BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – September 2016

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – September 2016

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Not enough.. Have you notice how all the growth curves (except for Tesla) never get exponential as they should? There must be some hard Big Oil/Car lobbying going on in the Chinese government.
When the was selling well Nissan managed to reduce the sales by announcing a better leaf one full year in advance. Same for GM. Toyota rolled out Priuses models that were not attractives. Norway mysteriously cut the incentives etc.

Pretty sure 76% growth year-over-year be considered exponential…

You would be right. Effectively doubling every 15months.

I would say there may be an incremental production limit on the supply of the batteries that plateaus sales until new battery supply comes on

A 100% year-over-year increase is still pretty impressive, I’d say. Basically that means doubling production speed or production lines. When it levels, it could mean that they have hit max. capacity of current production equipment (they also make their cells in-house, could be either cells or cars). It can be assumed that this issue is adressed internally and the values are going to increase at some time in the future. Especially now as a larger city in China has decided to replace 8000 VW ICE taxis with BYD e6 EVs (half a year production for that model alone).
I’d say that “Big Oil” has no power in China at all. The government sets the line. In 2018 they want 7-8% EVs. There will be 7-8% EVs on the Chinese market in 2018, unless the government says otherwise.

Norway has not mysteriously cut electric vehicle benefits. After 50,000 cars sold should the government go through the benefits, and create a plan for liquidation, and they did. But now VAT that would come from 2018 are postponed to 2020, and instead of ending programs for free parking, road toll and ferry, it now appears to coming rules that say half price for EVs. Even the half-yearly fee that would come from 2018, is now discussion about should come so early or not.
And finally there are serious discussions about the objective should be stopping the sale of diesel and petrol cars from 2025.

I dont see how that is a bad thing that the Cinese goverment does not want to hand out free money via incentives to 200 companies that will most leikely end up bakrupt when the incentives run dry…
They want a handful of companies that are well financed and have the talent to deliver actual products…

I dont think big oil has anything to do with the slow roll out of EVs…
The slow roll out is mainly due to legacy ICE auto companies wanting to use the technology the developed and paid for over the last 100 years…
The govs and startups like Tesla are forcing there hand to do the little amount they do do…

According to some people (lunatics), anything that doesn’t benefit EVs 100% is an oil conspiracy.

10k cars in a month is a lot! Granted they are fairly simple cars but still, it’s a good development!

Fairly simple?

What about the BYD Tang or Qin do you find simple?

Simple compared to ICE car! 😉

The Tang and Qin are plug in hybrids that do 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds so they are more complex…
The other three are pure EVs so that would aply to them…

More than half of them are PHEV…

So, yeah, the PHEV sales are high.

BYD might take sales away from Tesla in the USA if BYD prices are lower…Americans love lower prices and then complain about manufacturing jobs moving overseas. SMH