Watch Tesla Model X 100D & P100D Race Jaguar I-Pace In 360°


The Jaguar I-Pace does another drag race, this time against some fierce competition

The Jaguar I‑PACE is the first pure electric car made by the British car company. It promises a thrilling experience to look at and drive, and is dubbed by the carmaker as “the ultimate all-electric performance SUV”. Powered by two electric motors with a combined output of 394 horsepower and 513lb-ft (696 Nm) of torque, the vehicle relies on instant torque to achieve impressive performance of the line. The I-Pace can sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 4.5 seconds. Its 90kW battery promises a range of up to 292 miles (470 kilometers).

Recently, we saw the I-Pace battle a Bentley Continental GT and a Tesla Model S 75 D. Now, it’s time for the nimble I-Pace to take on its SUV (Sports Activity Vehicle) brethren. These come in form of a Tesla Model X 100D and Model X P100D – both of which can put the whole “ultimate all-electric performance SUV” mantra to the test.

These three couldn’t be more similar, albeit completely different at the same time. All three are SUVs of the newer age. All three feature all-wheel drive as standard and dual motor powertrain as standard. But, performance and price wise, they are in different categories.

The Jaguar I-Pace starts at $69,500 and offers a unique blend of comfort, performance, and range. The Model X, however, is a bit pricier. After all, it’s designed to carry seven and offer a unique blend of luxury and performance – with the latter never before seen in its model range. The Model X 100D starts at $91,100 and offers a 100 kWh battery and an EPA estimated range of 295 miles (474 kilometers). The Model X P100D – the ultimate version of the luxury SUV from the California-based carmaker – starts at $128,000. However, it offers a 0-60mph (0-97km/h) of just 2.9 seconds and an estimated EPA range of 289 miles (465 kilometers).

With a price difference of nearly $20,000 for the Model X 100D and over $48,000 for the Model X P100D, the winner of this drag race should be clear even before it starts.

But, as you’ll find out in this 360° drag race video by carwow, not all things are as they seem to be at first sight.

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Should be done at 50% charge for all of them to reflect real world performance.

From the prices given in this article I see price differences of 21600 $ and 58500 $.

Not sure why the I-pace is compared to a model x with 7 seats and falcon wing doors.

The more fair comparison would be Model 3 size and cost wise.

Check out the pic on

Because, electric cars don’t come in every body style yet there isn’t a direct competitor for the I-Pace or Model X at this time. Remember when there was so little to compare the Model S with that the automotive press was comparing it to the BMW i8? Once the Audi e-tron, BMW iX3, and Mercedes-Benz EQC are launched then the I-Pace can be equally compared. Though since no one has plans for a mid-sized crossover 7-seat SUV, the Model X will probably stand alone for a while.

Not sure why the I-pace is compared to a model x with 7 seats and falcon wing doors.

Because Jaguar, absurdly, compares the I-Pace head-to-head with the MX in their advertising. They even did a publicity event where they ran rigged drag races between the I-Pace and the MX to “prove” the I-Pace is faster.

I agree it makes no sense, but there it is.

Jaguar’s little promotional video wasn’t rigged, the I-Pace has a slightly better 0 to 60 time, and it only won by just that little bit. The same happened in Car Wow’s drag race, the I-Pace beats the X90D from a standing start. If anything Car Wow just proved that Jaguar’s video wasn’t rigged.

Surprised at how relatively slow the Jag is at higher speeds, even compared to the standard X100D. Even from a standing start it was getting reeled in.

Interesting how the I-Pace outpaces the 100D except at the very end, despite the 100D having the superior 0-60 time (4.1 vs 4.5).
Of course the P100D smoked them both thoroughly.

The Model X 100D has a 0 to 60 time of 4.7 seconds, versus the I-Pace’s 4.5 .

I think you might be quoting the S100D time off the top of my head.

Whoops, that must be it.

No 100D Model X is 4.7 Model S 100D is 4.1.

I think it’s more logic regarding the impact on the autonomy. Just like city EV are really great from 0 to 50 km/h and then adjust to have a slow acceleration.

Not quite the result that Jaguar got when they had a race earlier.

It is the same result except that they didn’t let it run against the P100D only the 75D and the 100D. Since the P100D is twice the price of the IPace it is clearly in a different league.

Exactly, a different price league, how are the Tesla P100D’s on the track at Laguna Seca?

The Model 3 Performance is the real comparison in size, price and performance, as well being made to handle the track unlike the P100D. Lets see how that compares at Laguna.

Well, let’s see: The I-Pace’s top speed is 124 MPH; the MX P100D’s top speed is 155 MPH. And the MX P100D has a faster 0-60 time.

The winner seems pretty predicable, but I’d love to see the two competing in an extended race — not just a lap or two — on a real racetrack.

MX P100D overheats if run hard more then 1 Mile…. On any road course it will LOSE… The more laps run the bigger the gap will be… Poor Engineering Tesla… Check out Model X P100D lap record at Laguna Seca…. I-Pace whooped it… and heres the story

Ya except you forgot to mention that even in reduced power it is still faster than the Ipace. I guess if you just make the car slow enough that you don’t have to worry about it overheating.

“These three couldn’t be more similar, albeit completely different at the same time. All three are SUVs of the newer age.”

None of them are SUVs. The “X” in Model X stands for crossover, and that’s what the Model X is: A crossover, or CUV.

The I-Pace is much too small to be properly called an SUV, despite Jaguar trying to paste that label onto it. It’s only a 5-seater; the Model X is a 7-seater in its standard configuration. I’d say the proper label for the I-Pace is a hatchback.

The article claims “These three couldn’t be more similar”? Well, my mileage varies there. Varies a lot! They are all modern four-wheel BEV street legal passenger cars, but aside from that, they don’t have much in common. For one thing, the I-Pace has superior off-roading capability; the MX does not.

The prices are rather dissimilar, too.

“the Model X is a 7-seater in its standard configuration”

That is incorrect…. Model X is designed to carry up to 7, but getting the 3rd row seats is an option and an extra $3000 on the price

Model X comes standard with 5 seats…

Correct. Originally, it was 7-seater. Now, it’s only five, with seven as an option.

Originally it came out as a 6 seater with the option for 7, it always was going to be 5 standard.

I apologize. I should have said three rows versus two. Good catch. Thank you.

How much can I-Pace tow again? How much can it hold?
Model X cu ft: 88.1
I-Pace cu ft: 51

There are not even in the same league considering the I-Pace size is more in line with the Model 3. The Model Y should be the competitor whenever that comes out.

Yes, I-Pace will be more of a model Y competitor, when is that coming? Have we even seen a prototype? specs? Where is the factory? Sounds like rumor at this point, and I-Pace is here today, running all over getting their final calibrations ready to start deliveries next month. By the time model Y arrives, there will be Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, VW, BMW, GM, Volvo, and others all with 5 seat BEV crossovers. Lets check back in 2022…

Incorrect. Model is a van. Even so the S stands for sport and its performance agrees. A van that kicks the crap out of many exotics. No one made a quicker SUV and the X has already 2 years.

How does the X do against an I-Pace at Laguna Seca? X P100D, even with nearly double the power & cost cannot beat the I-pace around the track… Gosh, and we are not even talking about the I-Pace SVR, this was the First Edition Model, the worst for the race track as it is loaded with options and heavy. So sad for Tesla engineering.

How many times are you going to spew that idiotic garbage argument? The S and X were NOT designed for track racing, let’s see the CHEAPER Model 3 with the same size blow away the iPace at Lagun, then come make excuses for why the iPace is still better because it’s just a luxury car not made for track racing… get a grip on reality jesus.

haha! Teslas “P” performance model S and X got beat by Jaguar’s regular old I-pace… Which also was not designed for the track, but has some nice engineering on the suspension. I would assume the Model 3P would be faster on the same track, however it has not been officially run there yet, so for now Jaguar has the record.

Your delusion is really sad, I hope you can get some mental help, call a therapist

Your memory must be short… Do not see Tesla setting any track BEV records

And here is a P100D getting beat in a drag race too… I guess P100D was not engineered for drag racing either.

All you have is Laguna Seca? There must be hundreds or even a couple thousand normal people that have driven on Laguana Seca and I can probably count on one hand those that did it with an SUV. I mean who buys an SUV to run on a track? The fact that you keep spouting this moronic metric shows how weak your argument is when the Model X beats the Ipace in just about every other category that matters like interior size, rows of seat, trunk space and shouldn’t even be compared with it. But you keep clinging to LAGUNA SECA right up until the Model 3p wipes the floor with it. Then I am sure you will bring up that it can do a little better off road because so many people take their $60k plus cars off road.

The Ipace is a nice car and it will fill a niche but there is a reason they only plan on making 20k a year and it isn’t because it will be backlogged.

Another dull straight line race. This is the wow that tesla builds its cars for, seem to recall that Jag was going for a more rounded performance which includes, braking and getting round corners. Quite the price difference also.

I’ll still take the Jag. Much better looking inside and out, plus build quality worthy of the price tag.