Tesla Opens Europe’s Largest Supercharger Station – First In Europe With Solar Canopy



“We opened our largest Supercharger Station in Europe in Køge, just south of Copenhagen, Denmark. It has 12 Superchargers and is the first one in Europe with a solar canopy.”

States Tesla Motors.

This site brings Tesla’s Supercharger tally in Europe too…well…we’re too busy to count and when Tesla redesigned its Supercharger site that continent-by-continent tally disappeared.  See for yourself here.

Charge 'Em Up

Charge ‘Em Up

Giant Ribbon Requires Giant Scissors

Giant Ribbon Requires Giant Scissors

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Very nice!

Nice. Any pictures showing the solar PV panels?

Is this one of those with internal battery storage too so that we can still charge in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Zombies, always screwing everything up for everybody.

I think most Tesla charging stations do have some battery storage but it is mostly for rate-arbitrage and avoiding demand charges. I doubt the stations will work if the grid goes down during the zombie apocalypse.

Of course superchargers with Tesla 400 kWh battery storage are working even if the grid goes down. This is also one argument to support electric cars. Where as petrol stations are quickly losing ability pump gasoline in black out, Tesla Superchargers will ramain in service as long as facilities remains untouched by zombies. Zombies do not have ability for planning, so it is likely that zombies will destroy the supercharging infrastrukture to prevent people from charging their Tesla cars.

134 stations in Europe.

Hmm.. The supercharger in Køge was open for charging 5 months ago. There must be some kind of record taking 5 months from unofficial opening to the ribbon cutting.

The solar canopies are mostly a gimmick. But in a country like Denmark where a lot of coal is burned every addition of clean power will be useful.

Are you thinking of the smaller 6 stall facility? In Bjørn’s trip #14 video he used the 6 stall facility and showed the 12 stall facility under construction.

I am. Anyway, it’s great that they open them for charging even if it’s just a few stalls or in this case even 6 stalls.
I was just very surprised by seeing that it now was “open” since it’s been on the charging map for a long time.

More stalls and more superchargers for the (Tesla)people! 🙂

how is solar a gimmick it lowers peak demand from the grid, it can work during a grid power outage, and give some cover for bad weather.

I very much doubt the station would operate during a grid outage.

That is something that is possible to do but it really is not worth the cost of the additional equipment to enable that.

Not yet, but over time every Tesla supercharger will be equipped with about 400 kWh Tesla storage battery. When this battery is installed, like already is the case in few Californian locations, superchargers will be operational even during blackout, but of course they can service only smaller car population.

It’s a sales gimmick, or rather just a “greenwashing” sales ploy, because “the solar canopy the solar panels on a SuperCharger station cannot generate enough energy to recharge even one car per charging slot per day”.

(source): http://www.teslarati.com/teslas-supercharger-the-cost-of-giving-away-free-energy/

If Tesla actually wants to fully power its SuperChargers with solar power, they’ll need to build offsite solar farms where land is cheap, and send the electricity in using power lines. More realistically, they could use offsite solar farms to offset the amount of power used in a region, negating the “carbon footprint” of charging. But they won’t, because that would cut into their profit margin.

Tesla has said that its Gigafactory will be fully powered by solar and wind energy. I -hope- that’s true. But they also said that the SuperCharger network would eventually be entirely solar powered, yet clearly Tesla is not making any real attempt to follow through on that. Very few of the SuperCharger stations even have the fig leaf of a solar canopy.

Over time, every supercharger will be equipped with 400 kWh Tesla battery storage. Few in California are already equipped with battery storage. Solar panels are slowly recharging the battery and therefore supercharger with 25 kW solar cannopy can server about 10-20 cars per day without need for grid power at all. Of course not in Denmark in the middle of Winter!

Therefore it is not greenwashing, it is just your inadequate understanding of new technology. Battery storage has already revolutionized the electricity supply economics.

This is also the reason why about 30 % of the output of Gigafactory is reserved for grid storage batteries.

Benefits of the solar panels will have great location dependense of course.
Big benefit from those would be to gain knowledge of the application for future use. Is there anyone else who does this in same kind of application? In this scale?

Not a gimmick. No, a solar canopy doesn’t provide enough power, but it can provide:
a) some power
b) some shelter from precipitation
c) some shade from sun

Tesla intends to put solar canopies on Superchargers as economics allow, whether through subsidy or offsetting of costs.

The solar canopies are by no means a ‘gimmick’. Electricity tends to be more expensive in Europe and installing solar PV will help cover much of the electricity needed to by the charging stations.

It shows Tesla’s long term commitment to cost control, reliability and sustainability. Not a gimmick.


“The solar canopies are mostly a gimmick.”

Sadly I have to agree, this is Denmark. Even if it’s located in sunny California it still won’t be enough to power even ONE of those stall.


No info other than 12 stalls and assumedly 6 charger bays?