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May’s West European BEV Registrations Total 5,829

Yes, we had exceptional month for all-electric car sales in Europe in May. According to EagleAID, the total number of registrations in 17 countries regularly monitored amounted to 5,829. That’s about 25% more than a year ago (while plug-in hybrids are growing even faster). It seems also that after five…

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Europe Plug-In Electric Car Registrations More Than Doubled In Q1

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association just released plug-in electric car registration numbers for most countries in Europe (EU + Norway and Switzerland) for the first quarter of 2015. Results are very good as all-electric and plug-in hybrid passenger car registrations grew in the EU by 117.9% year-over-year to 24,630. This…

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ACEA Reports 75,331 Electric Cars Registered In EU In 2014 (Up 37%)

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association with President Carlos Ghosn on-board announced that ECV (electrically chargeable vehicle) registrations in the European Union increased in 2014 by 36.6% to 75,331. If you’ve never heard of ECV, here’s the explanation: “1Total Electrically Charged Vehicles (ECVs) = Pure Electric Vehicles + Extended-Range Electric Vehicles…

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