Tesla Adds 8-Unit Supercharger Station Along I-5 in Burlington, Washington to Enable Free Travel Between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver


Supercharger in Burlington, WA

Supercharger in Burlington, WA




Add one more Supercharger to the rapidly growing list of “live” stations on Tesla’s expanding network.

Burlington Supercharger Station

Burlington Supercharger Station

This one, located along I-5 in Burlington, Washington, enables Model S owners to “now travel for free between Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver,” says Tesla.

The Burlington site features 8 supercharging points and becomes the 18th (???? these things are going up so fast that we’re losing count) Tesla Supercharger in the US.

As an interesting side story, Model S owner, Matt Moreno, says that this Supercharger will make “fueling” free for him.  Moreno already has solar panels on his house (free at-home charging) and now that a free-forever Supercharger is nearby, Moreno will make use of that when out on the road.

Quoting Moreno:

“I’ve prepaid for all of my fuel for the next 30 years.”

The Burlington Superchargers are located in the parking lot of the Fairfield Inn and Suites Marriott at 9384 Old Highway 99, off I-5 at Cook Road.

via HeraldNet

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Thats pretty insane to use the supercharger to charge normally. It seems like would take a toll on the batteries, plus be noticeable by the Tesla management (do they know which cars charge at which stations?)

it’s not moral to charge locally with supercharger when u can charge at home…it takes space from out of town long distance travelers…

I have pointed out for years that a solar charged car has fixed your local transportation fuel costs for the life of the panels. Not sure why you don’t hear that more often. Try doing that with liquid fuel. Now Tesla with the free Supercharger has made both local and distant charging costs fixed.

Someplace I read that the new 120 kw chargers have 4 cords on them. So does an 8 station unit then have a peak capacity of 240 kw or does it mean
960 kw? I’d think the former.

Eric Loveday,

Oh and just to clarify, I charge at home for free due to my solar and I since I am a Tesla owner I can charge up at the Supercharger stations for free as well.

MOD EDIT: the Heraldnet quote/story is hotlinked in paragraph 4, we’ll add a via link though as well to make more apparent

I wonder the long term viability of free electricity if the behavior of Matt Moreno starts to generalize. In the end the electricity price at a supercharger will have to be just a notch higher than your home price to avoid such a situation. After all 85 KWh at home is about 15 $ so if it is sold at 18 $ it would be ok. Of course that is not the intention of Tesla right now but human behavior being what it is, a time will come Tesla could have to change the system for new cars and batteries.

I also wonder what a difference, in front purchase cost, it would make if a Model S was sold without free Electricity. It may be that a few thousand $ more in electricity cost over the life of the car was considered negligible, but for many people a reduction of a few thousand $ in upfront purchase cost on an already high price car like a Model S could make the difference between a buy or a buy not. Perhaps some would also prefer to have a cheaper purchase price even if it means paying for electricity later on. If the car makes 200000 miles and all the electricity comes from supercharges it means an amount of (200000 miles /235 miles per charge) *85KWh/charge*0.15 $/KWh = 10851 $.
That would be a great discount on a Model S without free electricity. Although I guess Tesla estimated a more, non Matt Moreno behavior, with supercharges representing only 15 % of charges and the effect of front payment interest. That would bring down the cost per car to rather 1000 $ instead. Let’s hope Matt Moreno types are not too numerous.