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Nissan LEAF Kick Gas – Video & Savings Calculator

Nissan again released its Kick Gas ad, which is focused on the lower energy costs of the LEAF, as compared to fuel costs for conventional cars. The video description leads us to calculator—based on zip code, current car mpg value and daily mileage—which will determine how much the Nissan LEAF…

3 years ago by Mark Kane 14

Top 10 KICK GAS™ Questions Get Answered

We welcome back the KICK GAS™ team for some answers to the TOP 10 questions that the KICK GAS™ movie has generated. Tiffany’s Top Ten (Tiffany Raim is producer of KICK GAS™) Hello everyone, The KICK GAS™ movie has generated many questions since its release. Below are the top ten…

4 years ago by Tiffany Raim 3

Twas The Night Before KICK GAS

Twas the night before The KICK GAS™ Movie, when all through the garage; The EVs all charging with an electron barrage. The plugs were aligned in the sockets with care; Knowing the commute in the morning would not pollute the air. The owners were nestled all snug in their beds;…

4 years ago by Inside EVs Staff 11