Jaguar USA Puts Out Hugely Informative I-Pace Video Series


Jaguar USA is ramping up its collection of I-Pace videos faster than we can watch and publish them.

With the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace hitting the U.S. market very soon, the automaker is obviously getting prepared, as well as helping to prepare soon-to-be owners and prospective buyers, not to mention new EV owners in general. Just the other day, we reported that the British automaker is teaming with global superstar and singer-songwriter, Dua Lipa, to get more eyes on the new electric SUV. However, this latest video series is not really about advertising as much as it is about educating.

Unlike most legacy automakers, it has become increasingly clear that Jaguar is doing everything it can to promote the all-new I-Pace. The company is surely not hiding its new electric car or trying to anti-sell it. However, this new series of videos is a bit different. Rather than more ads for the I-Pace, Jaguar is now publishing a slew of “how-to” videos. As we previously reported, Jaguar has also released an app to help people experience the I-Pace before purchase.

We find that many people are in the dark about many of their new vehicle’s features. This is especially true for EVs. We spend countless hours trying to get peoples’ questions answered and get information out to owners and prospective EV buyers. Oftentimes, concrete information about some EVs is just not as readily available as it is for their gas-powered counterparts. Jaguar has saved us a ton of time and is helping to make new owners feel more comfortable with their vehicles before they’ve even taken delivery.

The I-Pace is packed full of new technology, and no matter how intuitive it might be, there’s always a learning curve. One of our few complaints about the new electric SUV was that the interface is a bit tough to figure out, as are some of the vehicle’s settings. Owners will now have the opportunity to figure such things out ahead of time. No secrets here! Additionally, some of Jaguar’s videos could be of assistance to any new EV owner. You don’t have to be planning to buy an I-Pace to benefit from information about home charging, charging in general, or regenerative braking. What a fantastic resource Jaguar is creating!

Check out the long list of new Jaguar I-Pace “how-to” videos below:

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That is really cool, bravo Jaguar…

Honda has a series of these videos for their Clarity. Doesn’t help the dealers know anything about it.

Too true.

Yeah, that is a challenge for all the ICE makers, most of the dealer employees are not interested in EV’s, so they do not take the time to learn. My Jaguar salesman does not tell me much, he asks me questions about the I-Pace… haha Although in his defense, he has driven I-Pace and I haven’t yet…

Thanks for inadvertently making a point for the superior customer satisfaction nature of the Tesla model Davis “Green”.

The ICE mentality of Stealerships is not a problem for Tesla and in fact a huge selling point for Tesla owners to not have to deal with historically very sleazy Stealership tactics both on the sales side and the service side.

Again I had an opposite experience with Tesla’s crappy system, I waited 8 months to get my Model X back in 2016 just because I ordered the five seater. They told me in April that my car would enter production in June, then it was July, then August, and finally they admitted they didn’t know when. Finally it went into production in November, it arrived at my service center in December, where I had to wait an additional week because something was wrong with the second row seat folding mechanism. Upon taking delivery I noticed the load floor in my trunk was missing, I asked where’s my trunk floor, they said “they’re still finalizing the design”. Four months later in April 2017, I had to go in for service so they could finally install the trunk floor. Yeah that was an interesting year of phone calls to Tesla representatives that couldn’t help me 🙄.

@CDspeedYou should go buy a Cadillac.

If you are griping about this 2 years later when the small automaker, Tesla has the bugs worked out…And you sit there with a Primo car that runs on electrons that I cannot own unless I sell my house…You just sound like a materialist, capitalist whiner with more money than sense,

I’m relaying my experience as an example that buying experiences may vary. Tesla fans love to make Tesla’s sales strategy sound perfect, and they follow through with an insult aimed at dealers. I did not have a good experience with Tesla, and I understand the same can happen at dealers. Being commission driven some salesman do take advantage of uninformed customers who have done little to prepare for a purchase worth tens of thousands of dollars. But there are salesman who work with cars because they’re a bit of a car enthusiast, that’s the salesperson I always look for. They’re happy to cater to you until your ready to decide, and although my Tesla sales experience was crap, Tesla’s representatives were very nice to talk to, and knowledgeable. I’d say the issue that hampered my experience was a lack of communication between Tesla manufacturing and distribution, and my local Tesla sales team. Waiting for my Tesla felt like, nearly a year of being stuck on a customer support hotline.

I’ve had the opposite experience, my Jaguar salesman is knowledgeable, excited about the I-Pace, and a Formula E fan. Early this month he called me when they had an I-Pace in for about 10 days, I couldn’t drive it though, pre-production car.

That is awesome… I am trying to educate my salesman about living with an EV, for example he knew nothing about Electrify America, which has DC fast chargers going in all over the area we live, Now I have him set up with links to their up to date locations map, and comments on plugshare so he knows when the stations open.

Jag is working with Chargepoint in our area, for home chargers, and some outside chargers.

I did something similar with the BMW salesman that sold me my i3 back in 2014. He was interested learning about electric cars so we talked quite a bit, he called me once with a few questions that lead to him selling one customer both an i3, and an i8.

Nice, us enthusiasts need to help the transition, by educating those that are less interested, or too lazy to seek out what is really going on.

Car makers apparently get together and copy each other’s bad ideas….. Like having 4 different videos for charging, without mentioning any real detail at all, and only the slightest bit of practical information – and that’s AFTER watching all the silly videos. I know they are talking to newbies here, but that doesn’t mean someone not conversant with a subject is innately dumb. The Ford videos on my windows 10 machine are totally black until the ‘video’ finishes, and then I see a still frame. Ford just early today in fact issued a recall on almost all the 120 volt occasional use cords sold with the cars. I’d imagine there’ll be an IEVs article on this sooner or later. The Jag videos are cutesy chic, but they are very, very slim on detail. The advertising department probably tells them that people don’t want to know anything more than the basics – but there is plenty of stuff they could cover – for instance – does the car LOCK the charger cord to the car when the car is charging, and if so, is it defeatable? Is there any indication from outside the car as to how far charging has progressed?… Read more »

Good point, but too much information might have confused people or fear them.
I install a couple of charging stations every week and I answered questions that most everybody here knew the answer 8 years ago.
And this is with much better inform people willing to go there.
So I say, information got to be basic, sleep, eat, dress, work and stuff.

Exactly, these are promotional videos to show the ease at which an EV can fit in your life, and also highlight some features competitive EV’s do not have. These are not intended to educate the buyer in the use of an EV in real life. I hope they have separate videos for that.

People here always complain the dealerships know nothing, and leaving out information doesn’t help the dealership either. People here can rightly claim they know more about the ev than the ‘dealership’s expert’. Even as a little kid, I’ve never liked reading or watching something that leaves more questions than it answers. A recent example: I just purchased a large hot tub to replace an old unit. This unit came in with built in sub woofer and stereo sound. I asked the OWNER of the chain of dealerships and he said this particular brand can be ‘fed’ with Bluetooth only. I converted my video system to run on Bluetooth, but the dongle they supplied never would ‘connect’ to any device I had in my home, nor the cars I own which are each Bluetooth compatible. I found out later even if the thing would connect, there is a 1/2 second delay through the dongle, which would be impossible to watch a movie due to lipsync problems.. But when wiring up the new tub, I found that the stereo did indeed have ‘line in’ capability, so I ran an additional underground conduit to the hot tub for the audio cabling, which is… Read more »

Although I agree with your point, the National Electric Code would require the circuit feeding a continuous load to be derated to 80%, which is the reason your 41 amp load requires more than a 50 amp capacity. It will work just fine, but 1) there’s a reason the code requires this, 2) manufacturer’s don’t like being held responsible if bad things happen, 3) good luck explaining this to your insurance company, if it ever caused a fire.

Totally wrong Scott B. It is in no way, shape, or form a continuous load at 41 amperes. The pumps time out at 20 minutes. The 22 ampere heater, along with at most, a 4 amp pump ( lets say 26 amperes, even though 22 + 4 in this case is 25(the currents do not add arithmetically)) is the only thing that could conceivably be considered a continuous load, but its hard to get that much current continuously for any 3 hour segment either. “Good Luck explaining to your INS company” Yeah – I do have good luck, since they’re smarter than your statements Scott. They have no problem with 41 amperes on 65 ampere wiring, or a 25 ampere continuous load on the same. A 50 ampere breaker can withstand 2 hours (really more like forever) on 41 amperes. And if it couldn’t it would trip. A clothes dryer is usually a much more dangerous load, with 24 amperes on one leg and 28 amperes on the other one, on a 30 ampere circuit. Plug Fuses as a general rule CANNOT be used since the 28 ampere load for hour after hour is too much for the tiny button… Read more »

Once again, it helps to be a tiny bit specific. “Almost all” the Ford charge cables apply to cars built between Sept. 15, 2011 through March 14, 2015. As a reminder, that was three years ago.

Federal tax credit available till 2023? 2025? Seriously this is a bargain of your lifetime if available that long.

Nice videos for educating those who don’t know much about EVs. I wonder what the 2 actors are up to behind the scenes haha they try to be so professional but they seen to have chemistry

LOL. I thought they were going to demonstrate the spaciousness the backseat of the I-Pace!

Yeah, like giving the mattresses a workout at the mattress store.

Hmm. You haven’t seen the last video. It’s coming.

Great videos.

I did LOL when he said one he was not used to one pedal driving. I guess he never drove the XKE V12 (often sited as the “best looking body of all time”) which had tons of engine braking; let off the throttle and it all but stopped.
Creep is an automatic transmission thing, I have never liked it. Traffic Aware Cruise Control is far superior to creep. I wonder if it will come standard since Mobileye does TACC very well.

I-Pace uses Mobileye…

2018 Leaf has Mobileye in the Tech package which I had for 6 months. The cruise control was great but the lane centering was a failure. Though it was alarming when the car would speed up towards the car ahead when it tracked fast motorcycles splitting lanes and decided to follow that instead of the car in front of me. For the lane centering, Seemed that everything would cause it to deactivate. I stopped using it because it was more annoying than helpful. Hopefully Jag’s Version from Mobileye is better.

I have driven a 2018 leaf a fair amount, and found the system to work fairly well most times, I would guess the Jag system will be similar. I am with you though, the adaptive cruise is near perfect, and the steering assist has some bugs..

haha…..look at that navigation system. So old looking!

In person the look is very nice, and the setup is very ergonomic with the knobs for HVAC, after a week in the car you will be able to change those settings without looking down from the road.

How about putting out some cars…

They are coming… Cars are showing all over Europe, just not open for customer deliveries yet

Those are the same pre-production cars that have been floating around for months. Apparently making cars is harder than Magna International had anticipated.

Thats not at all true… Magna has been making I-Paces every week, although slower then they originally planned due to some constraints in the supply chain. My dealer said the matrix headlight constraint is no longer listed in the order guide, but they have not received any more allocations after the first batch. A couple people on the I-Pace forum have said they have received notification their cars have been built and are in transit, both in the Netherlands.

Jaguar has stated they are not going to release the cars for mass delivery until they work through some software bugs, and get production to a point it makes sense to ship cars. I think it is the responsible thing to do… Releasing cars when the software is not complete sucks, like the original Model 3 buyers that could not use their rear heated seats for the first 6 months. Thats means the cars development was not finished, and Tesla is using OTA to download the features they did not have completed on delivery, instead of just bug fixing as is Jaguars plan.

Nothing new. Jaguar also did this for the E-Pace. Audi did this for the A3 e-tron when they release it in 2016 in the U.S.

I-Pace looks to have some nice features. Things like the foot-activated trunk/boot are modern features that DO make a difference, The touchscreen dual regen setup, like Tesla’s, pales to GM’s or even LEAF’s system, though. I will give Jaguar props for including some conveniences that Tesla leaves out. The videos are slick and seem like the ones Tesla has for speeding up the delivery process. . Educating all levels of new consuners is vital. I see a modern version of car dealershios sans underpaid sales staff desperate for a commission. Replaced are they by staff who educate us on the cars along with video rooms that walk us though the advantages of each model. Not too far from my experiences at Tesla showrooms. Back to I-Pace, will we see such features on less expensive, wider available EVs? I’ve always believed in trickle down. So surely in time we will. For now, these niceties will cost you. And with I-Pace, you cannot transport a family of 5 and a guest, nor much cargo for the price. I’m close to becoming a Model 3 home that will lease a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid with S package as a two plug in car home.… Read more »

A Model S is in tbe news today in New Jersey for hitting road debris and puncturing it’s battery pack.I’m really big in the Auto Lowering Suspension at highway speeds. So smart and makes a bigger range difference than you might expect. I hope I-Pace has pritection underneath. Tesla learned the hard way and these events obviously still occur.
Model 3 has no air suspension due to cost. Also, its a performance thing. Air suspension is a technology skewed towards luxury comfort over high performance. For instance, I’m not going to drive the wife’s grocery getter seeking the local twisty roads or weekends at tbe track. Fhe sedan, coupe or sports car seems the tool to meet that want.

Tiene red en EEUU porque desde luego en España este coche solo vale como uso diario pero no para viajes, no tiene red de súpercharguers, es casi como no tener ruedas