BREAKING: Four Chevrolet Volts Burn At Dealership – Arson Suspected (w/videos)


*UPDATE: Man arrested in connection with fire. Arson is the cause.

At a dealership in the city of Novato, California, four Chevrolet Volts burned last night, with two of the Volts being fully consumed by the fire.

Arson is suspected, but has not been confirmed to be cause at this time.

Check out the video for additional details.

As with the case of the Chevy Volt fire in Seattle, InsideEVs will be in contact with the local fire department in an attempt to obtain full details on the cause of the fire. However, the case status of the Seattle Volt fire, now 5 months in the past, still is open and cause still undetermined, so don’t hold your breath while waiting for complete details.

volt fire

Hat tip to Doug Arens!

Source: KVTU

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Let me guess.. Either somebody wants to create some more fire scares for the Volt. Or somebody just wanted to set some cars on fire and thought maybe the Volt would provide a more spectacular explosion or something. (sorry to disappoint)

What ever came of the Seattle investigation?

Ah, I missed the last sentence of the story here apparently. 😉

Sounds like the work of a Conservative Redneck Arsonist…

Probably done by some stinkin’s Faux-News watchin’ gun-totin’ science-hatin’ tea baggin’ climate-denier hired by the Koch bros.

You should get revenge by torching some V8 pickups.

Unfortunately, V8 pickups on fire is not newsworthy. And sadly, even if they had a reputation for catching on fire, people would still buy them. We all know it is a double-standard with EVs and fires.

Nah, it’s easier to just blow up a few gas stations.


Open-mind, was the content of your diatribe intended to be ironic, in light of your “name”? If not, it is doubly amusing.

“Open Mind”…hmmm…

Sad when, “tea-baggin'” enters into diatribe.

I’m not technically a member of the Tea Party, but I am in agreement with some of their precepts. T.E.A., to my understanding, means, “Taxed Enough Already”, something I certainly feel is accurate about our current situation.

James, the amusing part is that even though his mind is probably pretty much rock solid closed against any thought that isn’t “progressive”, he probably thinks he truly is “open minded”.
When everyone you know is willing to participate in the 2 minute hate, Emmanuel Goldstein/Koch brothers really do seem like a devious, blood thirsty enemy.

I think you both are missing the obvious sarcasm in Open Mind’s post because it was in response to the post above that called the arsonist a red neck.

Unplugged, I was wondering if that was the case at first, which is why I asked him if it was intended to be ironic. But given the reference to the “Faux News” and the “Tea Baggin'”, I really doubt “Open Mind” was being sarcastic. I think he drinks the progressive Kool Aid and is at least as close minded as he imagines the rightist bogey men to be.


Reminds me of the quote “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you”.

Just because you’re a liberal, doesn’t mean the Koch brothers aren’t bogey men.

LOL! I tolerate the Koch brothers but that was funny.

Not sure where you’re gonna move when you live in pretty much the least taxed country in the world, and even in the USA the taxes are the lowest they’ve been in 60+ years. At some point the “I’m being repressed by taxes” just sounds silly.

Sure, I don’t like taxes either. No one does. But it’s a pretty context-based consideration. And we don’t live in a “high tax” environment by any modern standards. That’s not an emotional or political position, it’s just objective fact.

I hope there’s video. I know if I owned a car lot full of brand new vehicles, I’d have a camera recording it 24/7.

Unless you want the insurance money for the slow selling vehicles that mysteriously burned…

Meh.. I saw a ton of Volts in that parking lot. If he was trying to get rid of them, he would have had them all in the same location and lit them all up. Sounds like vandals to me.

I guess local news hacks can’t be expected to be informed about electric cars – but, “the Volt is a hybrid car”…in one news piece and “the Volt production stopped a month ago due to dismal sales”… another very poor case of believing what you read on the web. Poor newscasting, no doubt.

The Volt is a PHEV. As I suspect you already know, James, the “H” in PHEV stands for “hydbrid”.

Calling the Volt a “hybrid” is a factually correct statement, so what’s your beef?

Somehow you like to call a PHEV just a “hybrid”…

The beef is that you managed to keep 1 letter “H” out of the 3 other letters “P EV”

The people who likes to do that are either idiots or people who purposely have an axe to grind against the Volt.

Leaving 3 other letters off while keep only 1 is purposely trying to mix the Volt with cars like Prius.

Why don’t we just call LEAF a “Battery” car instead of a BEV or EV?

The real problem if that the Prius should not be called a hybrid (except for the plug in version). It runs on gas only.

The namespace was polluted and confused by existing auto makers.

Selfish owner perspective: Better a fire, than a fire sale.

Just watched the video. They said they were located in a very secluded part of the lot. I wonder if that is what made them targets vs. being Volts.

That would be my assumption — it was simple vandalism that had nothing to do with plug-in cars.

I wouldn’t consider this an EV story unless the person(s) responsible was caught and specifically said s/he did it because of some ideological fixation with EVs, for example.

Every day lot of gasoline cars burn, but nobody is interested…

Another case for direct sales 😉

Presuming it was arson, it’s hard to know whether the arsonist deliberately targeted Volts with the intention of stirring up yet more undeserved media attention to the very, very few PEV fires, or if it was just another random case of arson which is getting attention simply because it involved a few Volts.

Surprisingly it happens in Novato, CA which is located in the Marin County and the only Chevy dealer in the Marin County.

Of course, there are “rednecks idiots” everywhere, even in the SF Bay Area…

It looks like the fires started from the back side of the car and the main/front section of the car isn’t burned.

So, either some one throw a fire bomb into the rear windows of the Volt or the fire started in the back of the car which is where the 12V battery is located.

But it is definitely strange that 2 Volt all got burned side by side from the same location where the rear end faces the street…

ModernMan, it’s not difficult to have two cars side by side if one caught fire due to the intensity (combustible materials like plastic bumpers and trim). My nieghbor’s Prius caught fire and the Volvo next it to was also destroyed and that wasn’t arson- that was caused by a short in the Prius (earlier model 09). I’m certain as soon as more EVs are in the road more reports of fires will be noted in the news when in reality it’s a small number compared to ICE vehicles.

I’m assuming if it was arson- the Volts had nothing to do with type of car except that they would cost more than a Spark or sonic. Only way to know is catching the person (if arson) and finding his intent. If it is arson- it’s sad regardless of car, brand or make that idiots still do this for a thrill of revenge. RIP volts.;(

Maybe some of the Volts were touching and they shorted out.

Here is a link to a video showing the guy lighting the cars on fire. I guess he didn’t pay attention because you can see his face as he is digging in the garbage looking for something to start the fire: