VW Open To Sharing MEB EV Platform With Other Automakers

JAN 30 2019 BY MARK KANE 15

MEB platform could be adopted by several manufacturers?

According to German paper Tagesspiegel, Volkswagen admits that the company is in talks with other manufacturers over opening its all-electric MEB platform.

We already know about Ford, which entered in an alliance with VW and is considering joint EV projects. The question is who else could be interested in MEB as the article mentions plural. Maybe FCA or some Japanese/Chinese manufacturers?

Michael Jost, Head of Strategy at Volkswagen, said that the MEB platform could become “a standard not only for the VW Group.” 

First though we need to see VW actually selling MEB in volume. Then, we’ll see how it progresses after that. For now, we still wait on VW’s first major entries into the battery-electric segments.

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I see FCA and Fiat going with it. The more the merrier. Help control development cost

It makes the most sense, Honda has already tied up with GM, Toyota will essentially do their own thing (perhaps working with Mazda and Subaru, but clearly Toyota is the one with the resources to actually develop a platform). Hyundai/Kia are doing their own thing. The VW group already comprises the bulk of the German brands, so I really don’t see them tying up with Daimler or BMW. So out of the larger players you really don’t have too many left. Anybody smaller is no likely to provide much benefit to VW.

It would be pretty sad for Fiat though. They lost billions on the development of the Stilo just to get a taste of stealing the Golf’s crown.

FCA would seem a likely choice considering the late Marchionne’s reluctance to develop electric.

Looks more like a Moke than an EV-skateboard.

Lol. VW is desperate to get sales way back up. They know that ice sales are about to plummet before they have their ducks in a row.

Don’t be ignorant !!!
VW just had the best year ever !! With HUGE PROFITS !!!

On the other hand, Tesla Q4 results are HALF of the previous in Q3 … and when tesla is supposed to be selling the most is when the profits went down,Q1 2019 will be even worst for tesla with a predictable net loss !

There are some regular posters on this website that are completely blinded to the real world and have entirely unrealistic expectations on EV adoption. Windborne is one of them.

Well. Aren’t you a winner.
Say hello to Putin.

Read what I wrote, and do not be so ignorant:
“They know that ice sales are about to plummet”.

As to the “VW is desperate to get sales way back up”.
How were VW sales in America?
Oh, they are basically down? You Don’t say.
Even with the 3 new models, they went up 4%, instead of the 20% that they were predicting?

And is VW concerned now that MODEL 3 is coming to Europe and CHina?
YOU BE THEIR A55 they are.

Get past your European ignorance.

I’m definitely open to this. A licensed, common platform will make widespread EV adoption and infrastructure implementation much easier and faster. And from what I’ve seen of VW’s platform, it seems like they’ve been at this a while; it seems very well conceived.

VW has only street platform.

Platform sharing is a very long automotive tradition that is well known to reduce costs for car makers, and reduce costs for buyers. The more car makers who can cooperate the better.

It looks traditional, so it’ll suit traditional players. To my eye it looks old hat and no innovation at all. I’m looking for the future, not a rehash of the past. But you know big Auto is comfortable with what they have always done, so no doubt VW will get some of their interest.

Ya no frunk! Not cool at all! Like you can tell anything by looking at that.