Audi e-tron Electric SUV Versus An Icy, 85% Grade: Video


Audi follows in the footsteps of Jaguar with its new focus on the e-tron’s capability.

As many of you may remember, InsideEVs was fortunate to travel to Portugal to test drive the Jaguar I-Pace. The automaker transported and housed a multitude of journalists in several waves to show off the incredible capability of the I-Pace.

We drove up sandy hills, navigated rough dirt roads, forded water, and raced on a track in the all-new fully electric crossover. So, when our first opportunity to check out the Audi e-tron consisted of a boat ride with a DJ and no opportunity to so much as drive the vehicle, we were saddened to say the least.

Fast-forward to a few months later and now Audi is inviting automotive journalists to travel to different parts of the globe to experience similar situations in the upcoming e-tron. We just recently shared our good friend Alex Guberman’s (E for Electric) video of his experience driving the e-tron in Spain.

To further tout the new Audi electric crossover’s capability, the automaker has published a video of the e-tron climbing the famed Streif in Kitzbühel, Austria, which is actually intended for downhill skiing. Rallycross driver Mattias Ekström is behind the wheel as the modified e-tron tackles the icy, 85-percent grade.

Video Description via Audi on YouTube:

Audi e-tron extreme: Audi e-tron technology demonstrator climbs the Streif

#Audi #etron extreme: in late January, the Four Rings sent its first fully electric #SUV to conquer the legendary Streif in Kitzbühel. Behind the wheel? Rally cross driver Mattias Ekström. A #drive to remember.

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Audi e-tron Audi e-tron Audi e-tron Audi e-tron at IONITY ultra-fast charging station, supplied by ABB Audi e-tron Audi e-tron Audi e-tron

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Pretty cool…at 44 you can see a glance of the special tires they used….you’re not driving these to work…

You can also see the safety cable attached under the frame of the car in the front when it reaches the top. At an 85% grade, I don’t blame them for such a precaution, even if it is not helping to propel the car to the top.

Considering “tall buildings in a single bound” were 90-degrees, Audi is onto something really special!

85% grade and 85 degrees angle are totally different.

But, still, with a cable and an eTron, the sky is the limit. Thanks.

If I want the sky I would buy an e-plane.

“85% grade and 85 degrees angle are totally different.”

An 85 degree angle equates to an 1,143% grade.
This is an awesome display that put an Audi smile on my face. I’m confident the I-pace can handle the 25% grade of my 300 foot driveway on a daily basis …..unlike many an ICEV transmission.

% grade = tangent(angle from horizontal, in degrees) × 100%, so an 85% grade is arctan(0.85) = 40.4 degrees.

I used to have winter ralley tires like that when we had wintes that made it possible to drive on lakes and the ocean.
No speed limit what so ever, just had to watch out for icebraker ships (the crushed ice) when on the ocean ice.

If you are wondering about that cable, it is a safety cable. You don’t want to have ~2500kg of car sliding down the hill uncontrollably, spikes included. Liability as well. I would imagine that any damage would be costly, so do as much as possible to mitigate potential damage to the area (and reduce insurance costs for these types of events).

Same reason there was a safety cable on the car that drove up those super steep steps in China. .com/watch?v=kGLy96472hQ

Did you check it? They also said there is no cheating device. No one can be that stupid to believe in the words of the vw group

Did you check it? They also said there was no cheating device

What was the line on the front of the vehicle? was it just to make sure it didn’t roll back down the hill?

For reaching the hill

I’m glad to see that car companies are starting to push the better performance and capabilities of EVs!

Shows the superiority of BEVs over ICE cars.

Why do you come to EV sites again??

Why do you come to EV sites again?? Do you honestly think you’ve won any EV enthusiasts over to the oil-burning side with your desperate mini-manifesto hail-mary to salvage what little is left of the antiquated ICE existence?

He knows he is lying and I doubt that he believes any of the opinions he espouses. I usually read these posts to see what new crazy argument is being propagandized. It has no effect on a site like this, but I want to prepare my rebuttal for sites where newcomers to EVs could be swayed by this nonsense. I’ll mute him once I see he has no real insights and is just regurgitating the same debunked nonsense.

Cool, one less competitor for the limited number of EV’s available. Range actually is not a problem, very few people drive hundreds of miles on a daily basis, but if they do then the real issue is lack of DC chargers so they can quickly recharge along the way.
EV’s have only gotten serious in the past 8yrs, so there is a very long way to go. In the next 8yrs I’m sure there will be major break through that improve EV’s, plus much more recharging sites will be installed.
In 1930’s most cars had about 50hp, now they have more than 150hp. In 1900 cars were not very common, the horse and buggy crowd would have said they’d never catch on. You sound like a horse and buggy man to me.

Very true Jason.
Unfortunately according to Mark R who thinks all ICE owners drive 200+ miles a day and fossil fuel is infinitely available.
If it wasn’t for the production line, cars might still be way too expensive for the average blue collar worker. I’m sure Henry Ford spent quite a bit of $$$ to get that going. He was probably laughed at and told that he’s going to go bankrupt. Sound familiar? It had to start somewhere by someone.

If you like to build parallels between EVs and production line, you should like mine between EVs and fuel cells.
While breaking-through fuel cells were declared a future solution to all problems the old-but-trusted lipo batteries incrementally got better and effectively killed fuel cells. Same is going on between EVs and ICEs. Check the mpg growth lately…


The cable is for safety NOT to pull the car up.

The cheating device was also for safety and had no bad intention 🙂

That was fun to watch, even if it is just a parlor trick.

It just means that it got enough torque to climb the angle based on the weight of the car.

Where can I get some of those tires? =)

No it does not. Trey removed the Audi powertrain and fitted three different motors and different software.
Basically a one-off show-off car

The awkward moment when this is actually a throwback to a famous 1980s Audi commercial showcasing the Quattro system, but you’re really determined to be all riled up on the interwebs about something.

Comic relief. Mark R. has never driven an electric car. He owns a flip phone and likes it just fine. To Mark, the energy it takes to refine and store crude oil isn’t a factor. To Mark, the chemical pools dotting the North Dakota landscape from the high pressure steam injection into the earth to crack open rock is mighty fine. So too, the gross waste of natural gas burned off the top of wells to get to that bubblin’ crude. Photos from space reveal the astounding magnitude of wasted natural gas burned into the air 24 hour per day. The night skies of huge swaths of territory alight from tbe flames more than cities populated by millions. Oil is so great. Importing a greater portion of oil into our nation from Canada, who processes it from bitumen. Scrounged by processing 2 tons of tar sand per one barrel of oil. Again, a process performed using toxic chemicals that threaten underground water tables precious to mankind’s survival. Lets screw the oceans while we’re at it. The Alaskan salmon fishery never recovered from th e Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989. 200 million gallons of crude oil spilled into the Gulf Of… Read more »

Gas is burned because it is cheep competitor for gasoline which brings much higher earnings for oil companies. For the longest time cars made for gasoline cen be converted to gas LPG or methane which still dramatically reduces pollution
It is all about greed .

Oil will get cheaper over time..
How is that posible,will they start cooking some new dinosaurs !? LOL

To be honest ICE eficiency can be improved see and its rotary valve heads advantage

Heres another awesome invention

Why dont any car makers make use of these,?do tell

ICE will die simply bc EV is more eficient,clean running and needs much less maintanance..

I want to see the video of it coming down 🙂

And how much regen can it get doing that

The key to EVs is the battery and everyone who is regular at this site understands that; however, to state that we all must wait for the 400 mile, $15,000 EV is nonsense. Yes, what we need is a $20,000 EV; but, until then many of us will pay the necessary premium to drive an EV because of the many compelling reasons to do so and many of us don’t need a 400 mile car. My 2011, 70 mile, Leaf is going on 8 years of trouble free travel and I will be replacing the battery as necessary for additional mileage because it meets my needs.

Let me remind you that without the huge Federal oil business subsides you indirectly receive, you couldn’t afford the price of fuel to crank your internal explosion engine. You are tied by your choice of cars to the most polluting industry on Earth while those of us who drive EVs can escape this sin by using the Sun for fuel.

Now you don’t have to buy a lift pass when you go skiing! How is that meaningless? Lift passes are expensive these days!

I came here for the cable comments.

Try it with a standard etron without spikes, third electro engine, New software… Oh wait it’s Audi. They can’t do it without cheating