Toyota Sells Last RAV4 EV


Production Of The Toyota RAV4 EV Ceased And Sales Are Now Done

Production Of The Toyota RAV4 EV Ceased And Sales Are Now Done

It’s the end of the road for the Toyota RAV4 EV.

The last new RAV4 EV (VIN # ending 3351) was sold earlier this week at Hanlee Davis Toyota in Davis, California.  This particular example had been on the lot for awhile.  The actual ending VIN# for the last RAV4 EV produced is 3538.

The buyer of the last RAV4 EV tells the story of how/why he obtained Toyota’s last electric SUV:

Proud owner of the last new RAV4 EV in California. The historic occasion was documented by the local paper Davis Enterprise.

After my last RAV4 was totaled two weeks ago in a freeway accident (and our family emerged unscathed) we tested the B Class, Soul, i3 and Model S. Reinforced our first conclusion that the RAV4 is the best EV on the market for a family with a baby.

Hope this one will last longer than the last.

Thanks to Shawn Howell for mentioning where the last one was, and to David at Hanlees for making the sale happen!

In total, 2,537 RAV4 EVs were produced over a span of approximately 3 years.  First sales of the RAV4 EV were recorded way back in 2012.  Sales in a single month topped 200 units on a couple of occasions, but typical volume was less than 100 units sold per month.

With sales of the RAV4 EV now over, Toyota has no pure electric vehicle available to the public on the U.S. market.

Moving forward, Toyota will sell its Mirai FCEV in extremely low quantities starting in Fall of 2015.

Say goodbye to the Tesla-powered RAV4 EV and hello to Mirai.

Hat tip to Tony Williams!

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

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Anyone know the price it went for? By what I understand, the RAV4s had a $50K asking price but were generally selling for like $10K less than that . . . is that true?

Don’t know what the last one went for, but yes, the MSRP was $50K and yet they were offering anywhere from $14K to $19K off on their lease deals. Assuming a purchase at the end of the practically-zero interest lease, plus 9% CA sales tax minus the $2500 back from the state for EV lease, this would come to the low $30K *after* taxes! Good deal for a fully electric RAV4 with a real world range around 130 miles at highway speeds! Now we’re all waiting for Tony Williams to roll out his CHADeMO port for the RAV4 in a couple of months, allowing 80% recharge in under an hour. Can’t wait for this added flexibility!

Oops, meant to say “low $30’s K” since it depended on which deal you got over its three year production. (I think I got the $14.5K off while my girlfriend got the $16K deal a year later.)


They tested all those EVs, except two teeny rarely-encountered EVs – the Leaf and Volt – and concluded RAV4EV is “the best one for a family with a baby”. Biased much?

the volt only has seating for 4 and the leaf only has 84 mile range. right?

The Hara-Kiri is now starting. With no ev Toyota is as death as Kodak ten years from now.

Their “contingency” thinking in case that whole hydrogen madness doesn’t pan out may be that they can always add denser batteries and plugs to their hybrids and catch up.

I don’t get it either. More disappointed that Honda has taken the same approach, I expected more from them.


Don’t get disappointed JUST for Toyota and Honda. How many auto manufacturing CEOs have you seen/heard ALL THE TIME that talks about the need to produce/sell zero emission vehicles?

Not just during auto show time, or online social media time, but ALL THE TIME – including summits, events, and news.

There are only 2 of them.

I’m also very disappointed (as in very frustrated and angry) over the direction of Toyota and Honda. And, as I’ve said here before, I would bet anything that such foot-dragging companies are looking at PHEVs + much bigger batteries as their short-term bridge, once batteries get cheaper.

I think this is very shortsighted of them, and some car makers will have a tough time recovering from the hole they’re digging right now.

But I will be VERY happy to see Honda, Toyota, Fiat/Chrysler, et al. almost break an ankle when they furiously backpedal on EVs a few years from now.

Honda just fired their CEO Ito for focusing too much on high technology and not quality of the basic cars they are selling today.

I expect the next Honda CEO to pullback on both Fuel Cell and BEV development.

They will become the Japanese FCA. Strictly compliance vehicles and maybe buy Tesla/Nissan credits.

How much $ did the insurance company give for the totaled RAV4 EV?

With no EVs Toyota is officially dead to me.

I totally need to ditch my 05 Prius to go all electric.

Same Here.



Couldn’t agree more. We’re ready to ditch our ’07 Prius. We call it Wilma (from the Flintstones) because every time that thing accelerates, we feel like we have to stick our feet out and help it!

Yeah, Toyota are really dragging their feet. But I guess they need to put a brave face on the Mirai boondoggle. It is sad that their only plug-in offering is the under-batteried and under-motored-powered PiP.

Toyota suck – that is all.

I can’t wait for Toyota to release a RAV4 FCV. 😉

“our next big innovation is just around the corner”
I am surprised nobody has picked up on that quote. Do they have an EV up their sleeve or will they go with a much bigger battery in the 2016 PiP or do they count FCEV?

I don’t about that claim… but this one is true.


Sorry, not around here. The high was 15F today.

About 8 years ago I started greeting my office receptionist when I got to work with “Just X days til Spring!” I figure March 21st and count the days til then.
For the past 2 years she has been greeting me that way. LOL! And Intellicast makes it look like the 5″ of snow we got yesterday is going to be history soon!

The “next big thing” for Toyota is the hydrogen horseshit.

This is too bad. I wanted the Rav4 EV to be a success.

In Memory of:

Scion: iQ, xA, xD, xB

Lexus: HS, LFA, GS-F

Toyota: MR2, Supra, Celica, Solara, Rav4 EV, FJ Cruiser, Venza

Apparently… Some awesome dude is making a CHAdeMO retrofit kit for the Rav4 EV, called “JdeMO”.

I’ve heard about that dude… still accepting JdeMO round 2 deposits for July / August delivery:

JdeMO Round 2 link:

I heard he is a super cool dude to get product from and knows what he is talking about…and occasionally writes some pretty swell articles too, (=

Toyota is so lame for abandoning pure electrics in favor of FCVs, and, doubly lame for dissing EVs so much in public. I’ll never buy, or lease, another Toyota for the rest of my life.

Yes very disappointed in Toyota / Honda,
They could try harder at BEV.
Suspect Gov. both Japanese / USA sweet talking them into Hydrogen Fuel cell power.
As we all know here – Hydrogen is an inefficient load of crock only to maintain the status quo of oil companies.
I hope the general public aren’t so silly to fall for this Hydrogen Junk.

Well, we can always say about BEV’s that there are plugs everywhere, some will just take longer than others to charge.

For FCV, if it spreads past the initial areas where refilling stations already exist, it will take a phenomenal amount of money to build out that infrastructure. Of course, the oil companies who will own and operate them will get a great deal of help from our tax dollars when it happens. Until it happens, that joking about being tethered to your home charger will become, “tethered to that hydrogen station.”

Maybe Apple will come out with an iH for home Hydrogen production, powered by a couple thousand rated watts of solar and we’ll all be shamed…. hahahahahahahahahah. Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

The “progressive” companies now either in automobiles, or looking to do so (Tesla, Apple, Google) are even considering hydrogen.

Hydrogen helps already establish auto makers and petroleum industry make a soft landing from oil in 30-100 years.

My functional question is, when my RAV4 EV comes off lease in another year and a half, do I risk a buy-out of this excellent but unsupported car, or do I let it go and get a Bolt, which will be just so much less car than the RAV4? I say Bolt and not Tesla E (or whatever it’ll be called), because I don’t trust Tesla to have that car ready anytime before the end of 2017.

It’s most definitely not “unsupported”, at least in the context that means anything to you, as an owner.

There will be parts for this car for a LOOOOOoooooong time.

Toyota lost the PHEV market for the next few years.
I had my checkbook open for a PHEV Highlander.

Now I’m going mits outlander PHEV in 2016.

Sorry Toy, you ain’t got it ALL……………

Maybe not the “last” new Rav4 Ev sold. One just popped up at San Francisco Toyota.

Hurry up and get down there and get it before its gone!…Oh, and pay full price!