Check Out The New Rimac C_Two With Nico Rosberg: Video


See the bare carbon-fiber monocoque as well.

The Rimac C-Two is now proudly on display at the Geneva Motor Show. Aside from new paint, it looks pretty much the same as the car that was originally unveiled at last year’s show. It is not.

Former Formula One world champion Nico Rosberg spent some time with the Croatian company’s founder, Mate Rimac, ahead of the opening of this awesome automotive event, and not only got the low down on the significant changes to the car, but also a look at the bare platform underneath the freshly painted skin. We have a screenshot of it below so you can luxuriate in its matte finish at your leisure.

The monocoque is remarkable not just because of how beautiful it looks in the raw. It is, Rimac says, the largest of its kind and not only encapsulates the passenger cabin, but also the complete drivetrain, including both front and rear suspension. The result is a car with torsional stiffness that may be unrivaled.

As eye-opening as the monocoque is, the changes in the drivetrain are the big news here. Last year’s press release stated the hypercar had an electric motor for each wheel connected to its own two-speed gearbox. As Rimac explains in the video, the announcement of the new Tesla Roadster sent him back to the drawing board.

Starting from scratch, they designed new motors with single speed gearboxes and a new inverter. There’s still some unrevealed secret sauce that helps them hit the 1.9 0-to-100 kph time (1.85 seconds to 60 miles per hour), but it seems we’ll have to wait a while before that is made public.

While the bodywork looks as it did a year ago, a brief conversation with designer Adriano Mudri near the end of the footage reveals a slight change. Apparently, the rear bumper has tweaked somewhat, with its diffuser modified to increase the amount of air that is pulled through.

There are lots of other bits of info in the video and we’re sure you’ll enjoy watching. So, if you haven’t already, hit that play button and enjoy!

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Mind blowing!! Amazing car, love the carbon fiber monocoque construction. And of course the fact that the Tesla Roadster was inspiration for them to redesign to a single speed gear box. Not easy with a 400km top speed!

Ron Swanson's Mustache

We need to get Richard Hammond in one of these things, PRONTO.

And stick it in the

From world champ to YouTube vlogger.

A qualified choice for Presenters IF ya fancy keeping the tyres on the tarmac (ala Hammond)