Refreshed Tesla Model S P90DL Sets 0-60 MPH Record Time Of 2.6 Seconds

AUG 18 2016 BY JAY COLE 25

We have known for some time that refreshed Tesla Model S P90DLs were running faster than older models. Now we can say by how much.

DragTimes' Tesla Model S P90DL Hits 60 MPH In 2.6 Seconds!

DragTimes’ Tesla Model S P90DL Hits 60 MPH In 2.6 Seconds!

Recent motor output tests on the refreshed Model S P90D (with Ludicrous) have shown improvements of more than 50 kW (from ~450 kW in the old, to over 500 kW in the new), and 1/4 mile runs of late have been showing faster than ever time slips as a result.

Now the fellas at DragTimes have laid down some rubber and tested what that translates to by way of 0-60 mph times…and in so doing, set an all new record time for the Tesla at 2.65 secondsan improvement of .2 seconds.

“We test out the refreshed Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous running 0-60 MPH just 2.6 seconds, watch the car blast to 60 MPH quicker than just about any other production car under $1M.”

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So what the hell is the roadster gonna do?

I love this car! It Is AMAZING !!!!!!

Roadster will be 0- 60 in ””’0.1.9…or less.

Probably generate Lawsuits from G-Forces (snapping necks, pinched nerves, etc.) or drivers losing control from velocity induced tunnel vision, etc.

I wonder what the P100DL is gonna do, maybe 2.4?

I’m quite sure that the new cars with higher output is P100DL that Tesla of some reason have started to ship without reviling it. Why they would do this I have now idea but what else could have make the cars have higher output if it is the battery that couldn’t deliver more power in the old P90DL?

They upgraded the inverter.

I’m not sure its definitive, whether inverter or more battery output from higher kwh. WK057 is the guy to post about that stuff, as I think he’s the only person with the know-how to state the actual capacity on board.

What’s funny is how the normal 245 19 rubber is putting out these times. PS3 tires aren’t exactly “sticky”.

R888s are like glue.

got on on order for sure

I don’t know why it is 2.65 when the chart shown at 2:31 shows that 60mph is reached at 2.8-2.9 seconds…

It accelerated so fast that even the plotter couldn’t keep up 😉

Don’t know, good question! The graph came from another test and doesn’t match the summary? Can that vbox be trusted?

The Vbox chart will show it without the 1ft rollout.

Tesla releases more upgrades to their cars than VW EV press releases.

Nice! I mean terrible, terrible! 🙂


LOL, good one. 🙂

I wish GM would create a higher-end Volt with all wheel drive and a 0-60 time that could compete with cars in the 5 second range like Mustangs and Camaros. Even if it added $10,000 to the cost of the car, I think it would boost the car’s overall credibility.

Nobody calls a Tesla slow, even though the base models are not nearly as fast as the ludicrous models. And seeing these cars winning races on the internet drives interest in the brand.

So even if the Volt would need to run the ICE in order to get those kind of numbers, I think it would do great things for the car’s reputation. It’s not slow by any means now, but making a faster version would likely even increase sales in the standard version.

That is a very good point. One that Detroit used to understand very well.

Why would Detroit want to compete against themselves?

Couldn’t agree more…5ish second 0-60 would chip away at the “geek stigma”…

Camaro SS w/auto’s 0-60 is 4.0 seconds flat…

They should start by putting the electric motor in the rear. That should be fairly easy to do.

Man, this is heading toward warp speed! Better hang on to your dilithium crystals!

How long do tires last under this kind of weight and acceleration?

I really don’t know why everyone gushes about this. It’s a party trick and nothing more. Do it 3 times back to back and the car shuts down. Porsche Turbo – all day long…