Peugeot Boss Says Dedicated Electric Cars Aren’t Yet Needed

APR 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Peugeot Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Philippe Imparato, presents a pragmatic approach for the powertrain mix in the Peugeot lineup.

Peugeot 208 (ICE)

The French brand notes a 10.4% sales increase in 2017 and the reasons for that are growth outside of Europe and more SUVs, which became the hot segment in recent years. However, the Citroën and DS brands shrunk by 7.5% and 38.5%, respectively.

According to Jean-Philippe Imparato, no dedicated electric cars are required for Peugeot to meet CO2 emission requirements.

Because of that, there will be a mix of electric, hybrid, petrol and diesel powertrain. Sadly, electric cars will be based on conventional models.

We had hoped to see the electric version of the Peugeot 208 in Geneva, but that didn’t happen.

By 2019, 8% of the lineup will be offered in electrified version, while by 2020 50% will be electrified (hybrid or electric).

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“I want Peugeot to be a leader in electrification so, by 2019, 8% of our model line-up will be electrified. And, by 2020, 50% [will offer electrified variants]. The electric transition for Peugeot is not in the future, it is now. In the coming 10 years, I believe it is right to produce a dedicated electric model, but, in the next few years, I will have a modular platform because this will help us get maximum coverage of all the markets. It will give you the four energies: electric, hybrid, petrol and diesel.”

“I also want to create a full ecosystem of services for electrification. If you want to go on holiday or drive 620 miles, you must have a mobility solution to complete the ecosystem. Owners would not only have the one car, you would have access to our mobility ecosystem.”

Source: Autocar

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This doesn’t give high hopes for the Opel Ampera-e (= Chevrolet Bolt) in Europe, since Opel resides under PSA nowadays. And yet it is a perfect car for the European market.

There have been times when Citroën (also PSA) was a forward looking car company…

The e-Ampera was a lost cause from the get go. Hope’s/Vauxhalls biggest markets are in the UK (Ireland combined as some would see it) – and the e-Ampera bafflingly didn’t get RHD.

It was also the drop of the value in the pound (by Brexut vote) that decided GM’s move to sell the brands to PSA. Opel/Vauxhall have been making 16 years loss since the start of the 21st century and they were going to make profit on the 17th year if it weren’t for the pound’s devaluation.

curse these scrappy huawei phones…

Peugeot says “Electric cars aren’t needed”.
Car Owner says “Peugeot cars aren’t needed”.

As simple as that!

Pretty much this.

They are not exactly famous for the top quality of their cars anyways.

Exactly what I was thinking; another nail in the coffin of the Ampera-e.

It’s a perfect car for the American market too. Sadly most Americans are too clueless to understand that. A good friend of the family once told me that he would never buy a car where you could sit in the driver’s seat and touch the passenger door.

If the seats are BS a car is not perfect for ANYthing.
Had that problem with mercedes c class 2015 model.

8% of their line up being 8% of their sales, or 8% of modeled cars to choose from. What, like 3 cars?

You state that: “Sadly, electric cars will be based on conventional models.”

This is exactly why americans don’t understand European auto industry.
The average european customer wants the cheapest car possible, but he wants the brand/model he knows, he trusts. NOT a new model.

VW client? I want an electric Golf.
Opel customer? I want an electric Corsa.
Peugeot? Gimme an electric 208.

Another Euro point of view

“Peugeot Boss Says Electric Cars Aren’t Needed”

Hardly what he declared.

Totally agree, AEPoV; that was a completely out-of-context half-quote (the rest being “…to meet CO2 emissions requirement”), the kind you need to tune in to Fox Nuze to hear.

Still not a great standpoint though: we shouldn’t be shooting for just meeting emissions requirements, but doing as much as we humanly can to eliminate it.

Exactly. The title is not even remotely correct. Why do you do this, InsideEVs?


This was a test by inside EVs to see who reads the articles and who just reads the headlines and then comments.


They might be needed when more and more EV:s go on sale. Wy buy a Peugeot and be forced to go and fill gas, when you can buy another brands EV and never think of that again.

“According to Jean-Philippe Imparato, no dedicated electric cars are required for Peugeot to meet CO2 emission requirements”
By 2020 50% of Peugeot cars will be electrified!
The title could have been:
“Peugeot Boss Says in 2020 50% of Peugeot will be Electrified Cars”

It’s funny. Some western countries want tariffs against China. Well, they really need them if western companies keep thinking like Peugeot!

Western clients will soon prefer Chinese cars or Tesla, because Chinese cars will go EV. And within 15 years the global Big Three will be Chinese.

Tariffs can only stop that for a while, lowering EPA rules can give the old companies some extra months to breath. But only creative thinking and engineering, working towards a cleaner future, mixed with courage could mean survival for the old companies.

I call them the three big babies.

They will all cry 😢 in 5 years and ask the US Government to lend a helping hand and bail them out once again.

I read that the European CO2 average fleet emission limits will have to be nearly half of what they are today by the year 2025 not to mention the onset of ultra clean zones in European cities that are being talked about.

I bet he is not even the CEO in 2022.

I was always curious why Löwenbräu Brewery makes cars, seems like not for long.

I would think the french would be up in arms about this…. It also explains why the new “OPEL” is not importing many Ampera-e’s to speak of. Looks like whatever Nissan/Renault is doing will be it.

?? I don’t get it.
He’s pretty clearly wrong… Both PSA’s top boss, as well as Citroën’s, are on record as saying that electrics are absolutely necessary to meet EU emissions standards (as are top execs of all/most other Euro brands) .

Citroën’s also been lagging, but is supposed to have a 70km AER PHEV version of the C5 Aircross later this year, and multiple BEVs and PHEVs the next 2-3 years (co-development with Chinese carmaker DongFeng).
Opel is supposed to become PSA’s “electric brand”, with a new Corsa as the first offering, to compete with the Zoé, and more models coming after.

I believe what he’s trying to say is that instead of making exclusively electric models PSG are developing new models based on a flexible design which allows them to be either electric, hybrid, Petrol or diesel depending on what choices consumers make all on the same production line. This would allow them to keep production costs down and hopefully means that the electric versions will be both affordable and practical.

That type of tradeoff strategy seems to only work so-so.

The e-Golf isn’t very space efficient, and different drivetrains need different designs. By 2-3 years from now, production volumes should be enough to justify BEV-specific and PHEV-specific platforms.

I believe that the Golf was never designed with electrification in mind. However the new Hyundai Kona was and the electric version does look quite promising so I think a shared platform should work provided they design with pure electrification in mind as well as all other drivetrains.
Mini SUVs seem to be a thing at the moment which when converting to electric means there should be plenty of under floor space for batteries unlike the very conventional Golf.

PSA Groupe’s current platform, the EMP/CMP was designed ready for electrification.

So they want to be a leader in electrification but are looking at 10 years before building a dedicated electric car, pretty sounds like a recipe for failing at your ambitions given the number of companies building dedicated electric right now!