Petitioning Toyota To Build Electric Vehicles


Petition To Toyota

Petition To Toyota

RAV4 EV Badge

RAV4 EV Badge

In a recent article in the LA Times, Craig Scott, Toyota’s national manager of advanced technologies, is quoted as stated:

β€œAnd no one is coming to our door asking us to build a new electric car.”

Well, now the people are definitely asking you Toyota with the creation of this petition by Uri Bassilian of Los Angeles, California.

The petition, directed at Toyota Motor Company, states:

Toyota Motor Company
We want electric cars and we want Toyota to know that. They said no one is asking them to build electric cars so that’s exactly what we are going to do. Toyota, we want you to build electric cars.

[Your name]

As of this moment, the petition has 23 signatures of the required 100 to advance to the next step.

Do us all a favor by signing it here.

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so glad to see this… it was only a matter of time before someone started one.

I think the only way this would work is if the petition was accompanied by irrevocable purchase orders, with cash attached, for, say, 100,000 cars at $50,000 each. So that would be $5 billion. Talk is cheap, but are any of the signers of this petition willing to guarantee that Toyota would get their money, not just state a wish to look at a wider smorgasbord?

I like the idea, and I’m a strong supporter of social networks for consumer empowerment.

With social networks, like Facebook it’s more difficult to big corporations ignore what consumers have to say because they are public.

More than a year ago I made a Facebook page called “We Want Opel Rak-e” to ask Opel/GM to build the electric Opel Rak-E, since it’s a public request and not a private email, they can not say that it never happened.

Here it is:

Posting a YouTube link with the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006)” in the GM’s Facebook page never gets old either. We don’t have to be many, just have to be loud…

At the time I signed it, there were only 50 signatures. πŸ™

Maybe Toyota meant there weren’t ENOUGH people asking them for EVs with long range and DCFC?

it vas started on nov. 7, i signes it at 9:45, it vas nos 174 supporters, you have to give a chance for it to spread out
lets stay positive

there are now 196 signatures.

it has started on nov. 7, i signed it at 9:45, it has now 174 supporters, you have to give a chance for it to spread out
lets stay positive

+ My Signature (& others) at 10:30 AM, Nov. 7th, 2014 = 217. Have you emailed the link for this story – and the Petition Link to your EV Friendly Contacts?

399 signatures just now.

I will make a renewed effort to communicate the following message to both Toyota and Honda:

My wife and I have owned several of your vehicles over the years, which we have been quite happy with. But until you stop your irrational and factually flawed opposition to electric vehicles in the US, we will not spend a single cent to buy or lease another of your products. There are too many options from more enlightened companies, most notably Nissan, that meet our needs whether we’re buying an EV, a hybrid, or a conventional gasoline fueled vehicle, for us to support a corporation with your approach to this critical issue.


My thoughts exactly!

In our past, a much loved Accord and a Prius (the Honda Civic hybrid was a joke). In the present a Leaf through 2017.

Our next car ownership focus is on future Tesla/Nissan EVs. This is unlikely to change as I doubt that Honda or Toyota are going to get religion in the next 3-4 years, and for other affordable EVs the horizon is still a bit murky.

Sad, in a way, to say goodbye to two companies whose products I have had great respect for.

So well stated and expresses my sentiments precisely for one who has converted two 2005 Prius into PHEVs.

103. I signed even though Toyota would go about electrics in the wrong way from what I’ve heard about their work on the Rav4EV.

The RAV4 EV – with a California Drive Train made by Tesla, Shipped to Ontario, Canada for Final Assembly, then shipped back to Claifornia for sale, was never allowed to be sold in Ontario, let alone any other part of Canada! We had one brought by my Toyota contact for EV Fest 2012, at the Evergreen Brick Works; and my contact was upset with me – and the almost whole EV Fest Guest attendance that he felt like he was ‘Accosted’ because they would not sell it in Ontario or Canada!

Do you think people want Toyota to Build an EV? Sure they do! (But – on this otherwise excellent Vehicle, with some 115 or more miles range – they failed to add ANY form of DC Fast Charging – CHAdeMO, or SAE-CCS, or – it would be nice if they could have added – Supercharging Access!)

131 now!

Why would I give my hard earned money to buy a product from a company that doesn’t want to make it or believes in it? It’s like asking and throwing money to McDonalds to sell me pizza. It’s never going to be a good pizza… Especially when there are many other pizzerias making great pies.
Now some asshat is going to petition McDonalds for pizza…

I think you are missing the point. Toyota is the largest automaker in the world…even if you don’t want to buy a a Toyota, encouraging them there is a market they should compete in (or they lose out) will only spur greater competition and innovation. Even Elon Musk (Tesla) WANTS Toyota in the game.

Just signed. Up to 150

Signed (#196) and shared on Nissan Leaf FB page, a very active group.

what does the “x needed” statement mean?

it means – # needed to get to the next level (presently – the next target – would be 500 people, now at 10:41 AM – the page refreshed says it has 228! The Day is young!

I meant, I shared it on the Seattle-area Leaf driver FB page, not the corporate page. Nissan corp. is probably pretty happy to have no BEV competition from Toyota and Honda.

Ridiculous. (sp) Spelled incorrectly in the petition. Perhaps you should ask someone with an education, maybe your mom or dad, to read your petition before you submit it for people to sign.

Yeah, everybody knows it’s spelled “redonkulous”.

I signed it, even though I probably will never buy a Toyota. They are just bland, boring cars. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to build EVs. Lots of people love their Rav4 EVs – why shouldn’t they be able to buy them?

My wife swore she would never drive a BMW. But we test drove the i3 and she absolutely loved how it drove. She also said the “cute-ugly” exterior made it the most un-BMW BMW ever and was thus able to justify leasing one. Perhaps Toyota can someday make a un-Toyota EV. I’m not holding my breath. But it could happen.

I felt the same way as your wife about bmw until i tried the i3.

How about a petition to Honda. I think they will be much more receptive. Toyota is watching sales or its Hybrids decline. Its market share deminish, and most of its line up age. While Honda Hybrids never took off. Honda has also discontinued many of its poor selling vehicles (the Ridgeline being the latest ) Also sales of the Accord, Civic & CR-V have never been better. The Company seems ready to expand its line up in a new direction and just needs a small push.

And Mazda too… πŸ™‚ Their Mazda 2 EV with 100 miles plus a Wankel (rotary) engine as range extending unit seems perfect. πŸ™‚

If they could get that one out there and sell the Mazda 3 and 6 the same way then they would be hiting some great numbers.

And the MX5 (Miata) would be really nice as a BEV or EREV too. πŸ™‚

Good one! I signed the petition. Thanks

just signed as 250th person

That Toyota guy is going to regret that stupid statement.

Now = “with 302 supporters”. It’s coming along! Let’s see what it is by this evening – when people get home and read their emails, etc!

This is a great idea! I signed a few hours ago. It looks like it’s up to 302 signatures now (as of 9:17 am Pacific time).

Two thoughts just occurred to me:

1) We know an H2 car is in fact precisely an EV, but with shrunken battery and added H2 paraphernalia.

So if I am a Mr. Toyota/Honda, why wouldn’t I design my next-gen car to accommodate a full size, Tesla style, traction battery and be able to drop in either the H2 bits and pieces or the full up battery and charger?
That way I could play the H2 card until it crashes and burns and then simply turn around on a dime with a serious EV.

2) Oh, wait. Grabbing up enough full-size battery production capacity and turning on a dime while doing it seem a little far fetched.

So, just maybe, Toyota and Honda have deduced that there will simply not be enough world battery production capacity in the near/medium term to fulfill their needs in an EV world.
This is just the same insight Mr. Musk came up with, resulting in the Tesla GigaFactory scheme. Fortunately for us, Tesla is not hampered by the legacy baggage of Gasoline cars. An oil-fed monkey on the back of the traditional auto industry for sure.

Signed and posted to the and forums.

Toyota needs to build their next EV with Quick Charging or Supercharging and sell it in all 50 states.

Toyota USA execs are sure stupid when they open their mouths. I’m glad we can educate them.

There is an interesting video featuring Ron Baron, in which he says that Tesla is the car of the future, they also own about 780 million worth of Tesla stock. The basic gist of this video is that ev will replace ice, within the next 20 years.

Personally I have no interest in a Toyota EV. Why not address this in a way that will influence the entire automotive marketplace?

A successful Toyota EV WILL influence the entire marketplace… no OEM will look at what Toyota does and ignore it… they all know to do so is at their own peril, as it has proven to be in the past. Toyota is still a huge factor in global auto manufacturing, if no other way than the immense command they have over key elements of the supply base.

Why would I sign this petition? EVs will come whether Toyota cares for them or not.

Toyota should just keep focusing on hydrogen vehicles that will face short term competition from the ~$35K/200 mile EVs a number of its rivals have announced and see how that works out for it.

I think Toyota should live or die with their decisions, just as the American automakers did.

you mean just as some of them did. some were bailed out like the whiney little b$&@#es that they are.

With over a quarter million EVs sold in the U.S. alone, with virtually no advertising and lots of FUD and misconceptions spread by oil and status quo advocates, I think Toyota had their hands over their ears and eyes.

But apparently not their mouth.

But people are FINALLY starting to understand plug-in cars. Imagine now trying to educate them on fuel cells.
-No, there’s no engine, they run on electricity.
-No, you don’t plug them in. They use hydrogen.
-Yes, hydrogen . . . the hydrogen goes through a fuel cell to create electricity.
-No, you really don’t need to plug it in.
-Yes, it is hydrogen just like the Hindenburg . . . but don’t worry, it safe.
-You fill up at a hydrogen filling station. But there’s only like 10 of them right now but hopefully thousands eventually.
-Yeah, it is pretty much the same price as gasoline.
-Yeah, it costs $70,000 but we are hoping . . . hey, where you are going?

Mr. consumer, “Well, what about that new Tesla thing, Model 3? How much hydrogen does it take?”

Price is about double gasoline. Electricity is about 1/4 the price of gasoline where I live.

Great idea.

It was at 421 when I signed it.

No interest. Toyota is dead to me. Their cars are junk.

I was #529

only toyota i’ve ever liked is the supra

everything else is junk and cheap… but i signed

Petition at 580 now, up 40 from when I signed in.. People from New Zealand and Norway are signing the thing.

YEARS Ago, I think it was my first visit to the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS – North American International Auto Show) in 2009 at the reveal of the ‘Volt’ – I saw a ‘Skateboard’ design on the display area of GM, it was a full powered Chassis which I think was focusing on H2 Fuel Cells with long thin H2 Tanks in the frame, Tesla one upped them with the Model S Flat Battery Pack, and we still see no Skateboard designs from GM! How many people think Toyota COULD Flip into building EV’s ‘turning on a dime’ since they had Tesla Build their RAV4 EV, and then cripple it without any Tesla Supercharger Access OR EVEN CHAdeMO Access – a Program Toyota WAS a party to in the development in Japan?? However – that Said, there are some Loyal Toyota Buyers that will wait (for some time, it looks like at present) for Toyota to build them their desired EV (BEV, that is), since the EV’s Toyota Wants to build, are the kind with the Most Limited Ever and most Expensive Infrastructure! Worse – they want The Taxpayers (the State) to fund the development, since they couldn’t be bothered… Read more »


If Toyota won’t market a BEV here, I’ll just buy another brand.

Toyota (as well as Honda for that matter) seems so DE-amazing now…after such Prius HEV marvel more than ten years ago! Apparently and unfortunately, Toyota went back to thinking inside the ICE box (internal combustion engine) when it could have expended quite nicely into the Plug-In Era with a Prius Plug-in waaaaaaaay back in 2008 or earlier! Now the World has 32 HEVs and 9 Plug-ins…with Toyota losing its innovative and competitive edge for green & clean 21th Century transportation. And not aside from the FOOL Cell machine.

I’m ok with Toyota and Honda both going out of business if they cannot see how useful EVs are. Other companies will build them. Toyota can keep selling their gas sucking trucks and SUVs to rake in the profits but at some time in the future people will stop demanding those vehicles. Guessing gasoline prices will spike by 2020 and guessing if Toyota/Honda don’t get a clue they will going through chapter 11 in 2025.

Toyota can live with the cult of the brand in US and the Priutocracy for years to come.

804 signatures now.

I wrote all the car companies YEARS ago about this exact thing!!! I understand maybe CA is more critical, due to their air pollution issues, but we all should have access, and we all will need them! More battery research is needed to make EV’s more practical for those who need to drive longer distances (increase the range before needed a charge). I hope the companies are on this.

#830 here.

I probably won’t get another Toyota, EV or otherwise, unless they seriously improve their crappy performance and driving dynamics.


I won’t buy Toyotas any more.
Toyota is the same as GM, Ford etc
They all are shims of the petroleum cartel, they make more money out of ICE cars. So they won’t build good electrics.
I only see Tesla doing his very best to get us the electric cars we want, but they don’t have 1/1000th of any of those giant’s means.