Nissan LEAF to be Produced in China Starting in 2015


2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

Come 2015, Nissan will have added one more production site for the LEAF.

Venucia Logo

Venucia Logo

Media reports are out saying that Nissan will begin Chinese production of the LEAF starting in 2015.

Though the LEAF is currently available in China, the units sold there are not produced domestically.  This, in turn, drives up the Chinese price on the LEAF due to ridiculous agreements the Chinese government forces automakers to sign in order to sell there.

By producing the LEAF within China, its price will drop dramatically and its name will change to Venucia e30 to denote that it’s a vehicle created by the Nissan-Dongfeng joint venture.

Once online, the Chinese LEAF production site will become Nissan’s 4th LEAF factory in the world (UK, USA, Japan an China).  The site in China is not expected to export LEAFs to other nations.

The China-specific LEAF is not expected to differ much from LEAFs on sale in other parts of the world.

Source: China Car Times

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Not much talk regarding Leaf 2.0. Any guestimates? I would say around MY2016 or 17 at the latest.

MY 2016

Nissan states they planned to get 5 years out of the current model, so the next gen should be MY2016 or MY2017.

China is a large market where multiple generations of the same car sell well. So Nissan could continue offering the current gen at a lower price point for years, while also offering the next gen.

#1 selling VW offers 5 generations/versions of the Jetta, 3 of the Passat, 3 of the Golf, and Ford is following suit by offering 2 generations of the Focus, 2 generations of the Mondeo, soon to offer current and next gen Edge and Explorer with a new gen Escort launching for 2014.

Essentially when models change in the US and Europe, automakers can same hundreds of millions by shipping the tooling to China and continue with local product.

hopefully a complete exterior redesign

And in 2016 be ready for the Chinese Motors “Petal”. It will look just like the Leaf, but not perform as well or have as good of fit/finish. 🙂

The Chinese version looks better. No fair!!!