Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Up 70% In May – Best Monthly Result Since 2012

JUN 24 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan LEAF in Japan – no you can’t have this color rest of world

The 30 kWh version of the 2016 Nissan LEAF wasn’t able to continue its record pace from the first quarter of the year in Japan, but this May was still the best advance for the month since 2012.

In total, 805 LEAFs were sold last month, which is 70% more than year ago.

After five months, Nissan can boast a total of 8,084 sales in Japan, which is close to the 9,057 sold for the whole year 2015.  So when someone asks you why Nissan has not announced when LEAF 2.0 will be available…this is your answer – the current EV is still selling decently well (at least outside the US anyway).

Speaking of the US,  in comparison to Japan, LEAF sales are some 72% higher through May (4,697 LEAFs have been sold in America thru the first 5 months).

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In a relatively small country that is covered with Chademo DC-fast chargers, the 30KWH LEAF is a great car.


I would say anywhere that has the Chademo DC-fast chargers in a similar density to Japan would make the 30 KWH Leaf a great car.

I love my 30 KWH Leaf – would gladly take it on 500 mile trips IF there was similar density of Chademo chargers here as there are in Japan.

Don’t forget the relatively mild climate in Japan as well.

Definitely mild relative to Siberia. Northern Japan has far more severe winters than The US, though.–lJNYCcDRig

Japan is as long as the US coastline, for example San Diego to Seattle.

I doubt anyone would like to do that drive in a 30 kWh Leaf no matter how many fast chargers are available.

The Leaf 2.0 could not come any faster…

Europe Leaf is leading and also selling well, Bolt and Model 3 are just far away from here.

I had a Murano in that color. Put a 150+ mile battery in a LEAF that color and I’ll buy it.

With the Brexit the Southerland made European Leaf is going to have a rough road ahead. The same for the Leaf battery made in the same location. If a customer in Spain has to pay 10 % duty on the car it is going to be a lot less competitive compared with a Tilburg assembled Model 3 or with a Bolt partly assembled at an Opel factory in Germany.

For future productions like the new European Tesla factory, England had some possibilities against the Netherlands and other EU locations, but now with any UK made car sold on the continent exposed to EU tariffs and UK import tariffs for any purchased EU parts, all the other EU location now have a clear advantage. Pragmatically even Portugal and Ireland are now better locations even though the other classic EU ones remain well above the list.

The battery production is maximum about 50000 units. And they didn’t start producion the 30 kWh battery, also they just announced producion “next Generation EV” battery in Sunderland.
No they could consider bulding a new battery factory in Spain and building the next Leaf also there.
Netherlands is also no good idea, they will just follow leaving EU.
And the Ampera-E will be not assembled in Germany.

If the uk ends up leaving the free market it is the end of the road for the uk car industry. Why would you make a car in the uk if you could make it in India, China, South Korea, USA or Japan and face the same import restrictions? There are no British car companies left, the U.K. automotive industry now hangs on by thread. Depending on the deal cut with the EU it could be gone by 2020.

I think it will change nothing! Why? Because the rest EU countries export much more goods to England, about some Mrd. €. For example Germany (10 % of BMW cars go to England), France, Belgium and Netherlands export many stuff.
So the EU profits more than England from no tax. There will be a trade agreement free good traffic.

UK is also a big importer of German and French brand cars. If EU did not agree on free trade for automobile sector, UK will counter with tariff against EU product.
I’m sure Korea, Japan and US are already talking to UK for tariff free automobile trade agreement.

There is another indication that Nissan will be abandoning CHAdeMO charging and adopting CCS charging at least in the US. Many of the new DCFC chargers being installed at Nissan dealerships are dual CHAdeMO/CCS chargers. Some of these dual chargers are fully functional but others were installed without the CCS cables.

Why would Nissan dealerships be installing DCFC chargers that were CCS capable unless Nissan was planning to utilize CCS charging for their plugins in the near future?