The all-electric Peugeot e-2008 has been recently tested in the "moose test,"" achieving a solid result.

According to the test, performed by, the car was able to successfully complete the test at a maximum initial speed of 77 km/h (48 mph).

  • initial part: 77 km/h (48 mph)
  • middle part: 62 km/h (39 mph)
  • final part: 40 km/h (25 mph)

Interestingly, it's not only one of the better results among all-electric cars tested so far, but also a bit better than the smaller Peugeot e-208 (built using the same EV components), which noted a maximum of 76 km/h (47 mph).

In the slalom test, the car completed it in 25.3 seconds, which is only slightly slower than the models like Honda HR-V (24.6 s) and BMW iX (24.8 s).

Previous results of the's moose test for reference (initial speed):

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