Peugeot e-208 is currently one of Europe’s most desirable city-focused EVs through its blend of bold design, style and genuine capability. It seems it’s also good at tackling the moose test which it managed to pass at a speed just 1 km/h slower than the lighter, more agile gasoline burning 208. managed to get it through the cone chicane at 76 km/h (47.2 mph), which is just marginally slower than the ICE 208 (video posted at the end of the article) which managed a slightly higher 77 km/h (47.8 km/h). This is quite an impressive feat for the e-208, given the fact that it is around 300 kg (660 pounds) heavier and it also has a slightly higher ride height.

Peugeot clearly didn’t just swap the engine for a motor and add a battery pack to the floor - the 208 was designed with electrification in mind (it wasn’t an afterthought) and it really shows. One other small EV, the SEAT Mii Electric, had a much poorer result than the e-208, but the MINI Cooper SE was just 1 km/h faster through the cones.

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