The Mercedes-Benz EQS 580, with its two electric motors and 120 kWh battery pack, weighs over 2,500 kg (5,530 pounds) and it is set up more for comfort. How well do you think it fares in the moose test, where it needs to avoid an obstacle in the road, return to its original line and not hit any cones in the process?

Well, not great, because even though it doesn’t really require a lot of lock on initial turn-in, it actually takes a while to change direction after lock has been applied, and this resulted in quite a low entry speed.’s driver only managed to complete the moose test at a speed of 72 km/h (45 mph) and he said he did not notice a significant difference between Comfort and Sport modes.

They did say the vehicle’s agility was helped by the rear-wheel steering system, and they actually praise the EQS for its sure-footedness, but ultimately it was not among the quickest vehicles in this test. In one of the attempts, with a 79 km/h (49 mph) entry speed, the vehicle understeered so badly that the driver decided not to go for the final set of cones (which most likely would have been flattened).

We will say that comparing the attempts they showed closely, to us it looks like the vehicle certainly leans less in Sport mode. This should have a positive effect on the vehicle’s ability to quickly change trajectory, and if they had persisted doing attempts in Sport mode, instead of Comfort, perhaps they could have added to the entry speed - one attempt at 76 km/h (47.2 mph) was almost successful.

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