Mercedes-Benz’ first production electric vehicle that’s not based on the underpinnings of an internal combustion-engined vehicle is the EQS. It sits on a bespoke EV architecture and through its use, Mercedes has really managed to bring out its vision of what a battery-powered luxury car is much more so than it could with its first EVs (based on ICE vehicles).

Sure, from the outside the EQS’ proportions aren’t what you’re used to when you think of a luxury sedan from Mercedes. However, its bigger greenhouse and passenger compartment obviously have advantages for levels of interior room and comfort and this is where the EQS really shines.

There’s an impressive amount of rear legroom, about as much as in a long-wheelbase S-Class, and Mercedes made sure to give the EQS its own feel to make the experience of being aboard the electric sedan different. It also has the impressive 56-inch Hyperscreen that’s optional and actually comprised of three separate screens that extend across the width of the dash.

Kyle Conner recently had a chance to spend some time with the current non-AMG flagship model, the dual-motor EQS 580 and he was really impressed by the level of luxury, the comfort, the tech features and, of course, the driving experience. The EQS is not the last word in providing driver excitement, but it is so good at being cosseting that driving quickly doesn’t matter any more in this vehicle.

Kyle also discusses how quick the 580 model feels, charging the EQS and its efficiency. We’re going to be covering more EQS variants in the future as the vehicles will become available in Mercedes’ press fleets around the world.

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