You’ve probably seen plenty of Porsche Taycan reviews where the host just keeps praising the way it handles, especially for a vehicle as heavy as it is. It is often described as feeling like a real Porsche sports car, even though it is far heavier than any such vehicle. put a Taycan Turbo S through its usual moose and slalom tests and its results and behavior were deemed very impressive, worthy of a real sports car (the exact words used in the video). Its maximum entry speed in the moose test was 78 km/h (48 mph), and this could only be achieved in Sport+ mode when the car is at its most aggressive and planted.

Drivers were able to get the car through the cone chicane at higher speeds, but it just clipped one or two cones and the run was therefore not declared clean. Through the slalom, its performance continued to impress, although they do point out that the Tesla Model 3 (which is about five passengers lighter) has it beaten in terms of agility.

And the Model 3 also did better in the moose test - when the same outlet tested it, the Model 3 recorded a very impressive entry speed of 83 km/h (51.5 mph), one of the highest ever recorded. So it would appear that even if the Taycan is getting all the praise for being a focused, agile driver’s car, you can actually take corners and change direction quicker in the Model 3.

Check out the Tesla Model 3's moose avoidance abilities tested in the video below.

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