Apparently, a 'Moose Test' is when a car must veer to avoid something like a moose. If you don't live in an area where a moose, bear, or buck may wander across the road, you may be able to equate this to a large dog, toddler, or perhaps even a cat, squirrel, or raccoon, although some of these beings are much smaller than a moose.

Regardless of the details, attempts to prove that the technology in a Tesla Model 3 (as well as all other Tesla vehicles) may fare better than that of many other cars.

This amateur 'study' shows that if the Model 3 must swerve to avoid some obstacle in the middle of the road, it's impressively safe and successful (at least in these tested instances). The test goes through a number of instances with various drivers. Cones are set up as obstacles in order to get a solid idea of how the technology may react.

According to Teslarati, it may actually be the Model 3's regen that helps immensely in these situations. This is in addition to the fact that most electric cars have a very heavy, low center of gravity, which means the cars can veer hard while still remaining well-planted. In the case of a traditional car or crossover, the potential for a rollover is elevated.

Regardless of real-world situations versus this type of testing, Km77 makes it clear that no other car has fared so well in its tests. Essentially, the Tesla Model 3 tackled this test above and beyond any other car that has been put through the paces.

Check out the initial video above, as well as the follow-up below. It's important to note that real-world situations are often much different from driving tests.

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Tesla Model 3 2019 - Dodge maneuver (moose test) and slalom |

This video accompanies this text ➡ Additional video with comments from drivers after testing circuit: embedded below. The Tesla Model 3 has given a very good result in circuit tests, a record in the case of the dodge, and the unanimous opinion of the three drivers who participated is that it is a car that reacts in an exemplary manner in these exercises. At the end of this week we will publish a new entry in this blog in which we will give you the details of the conditions in which we made the tests in circuit and how the tires were degraded.

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Tesla Model 3 2019 - Impressions of the drivers after the dodge and slalom maneuver | km77

Test of the Tesla Model 3 sponsored by:

This video accompanies this text ➡ Text with the conditions of the dodge maneuver and the degradation of the tires ➡ . Our Tesla Model 3 has given an excellent result in the dodge maneuver. Not only has he reacted with agility and a lot of safety, but he has also overcome it at a very high speed, 83 km / h, the highest we have achieved so far with the Ford Focus 2018.

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Source: Teslarati

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