It almost seems too good to be true, well, for customers who preordered the Tesla Model S Plaid. But also for those who didn’t, because we expect a flood of photos and videos on social media once they hit customer hands. Including the ever popular drag races. Who doesn’t want to see a 1,020-hp EV rocket down a drag strip

Lucky for us, preorder customers are already sharing their refreshed Model S/X order updates. One person who ordered a Model X revealed how his order page was updated with an expected delivery date of February 15th - March 15th

Refreshed Tesla Model S Plaid delivery update order page

Now, current Tesla owner, future Plaid and Plaid+ owner, and creator of the Tesla Plaid Channel on YouTube shared his order update in one of his videos. His Model S Plaid now has an estimated delivery date of March 1st - March 31st (above). This is close to the February timeframe that Elon Musk gave for the Plaid during Tesla’s Q4 earnings call. Interestingly, both refreshed Model X models (Long Range and Plaid) have an estimated delivery date of May-June on the order site

The Model S order site currently has an estimated delivery date of late 2021 for the Plaid+, but nothing for the Long Range or Plaid. If the Plaid starts heading to customers next month, it’s likely the same for the Long Range model unless those deliveries have already started along with the Model X

Gallery: 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid Refresh

The refreshed Model S and Model X received extensive powertrain and interior upgrades. Here is a full list

In case you’re curious, the YouTuber and Tesla owner in the video drag races six different cars. He drives a 2019 Model S Performance with the Raven powertrain and Ludicrous+ mode. He easily wins all races with the exception of one loss to a heavily modified 2013 Ford Mustang with a ProCharged 5.0-liter V-8 and Mickey Thompson drag radials. The Mustang even had him from the start, that’s impressive. With the exception of certain supercars, gas cars usually need lots of modifications to beat powerful Teslas.

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