Can’t wait to see the revised Tesla Model S with its light exterior revisions, radical interior changes and whiplash-inducing Plaid+ variant? Well, this could be the first Model S refresh sighting in the wild. How do we know this is the revised model?


Well, the front end appears to have the new bumper design (that makes this Model S look a bit like a Model 3); the headlights also appear slightly different. We don’t really know if this is the Plaid, though, as it had no exterior badges (aside from the T logos on the fascias) - it could very well be the revised Long Range model.

The big news with the Model S refresh isn’t in the exterior design department - it’s inside where the traditional steering wheel has been replaced by a U-shaped yoke, the central screen has grown (to 17 inches) and changed its orientation, as well as many of the panels and trim pieces that are new or revised.

Performance EV fans will be most excited by the new Plaid+ version that sprints to sixty in under 2 seconds and tops out at 200 mph; it’s also faster than most hypercars in the quarter-mile, plus it also offers a claimed 520+ miles of range on one charge. The revised Model S is expected to enter production sometime in the first quarter of 2021, but the official start of deliveries has yet to be announced.

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