Lopifit Walking Bike (Scooter Thing with Video)


From the Department of Extremely Silly Scooters, we present: Lopifit.  Think treadmill on a scooter.  Wait.  What?  Walking bicycle?  Tread-scooter?

This came to us by way of this video, which explains how this was all conceived – the idea of a scooter powered by a treadmill and an electric motor, so you could walk but scoot…but walk.

Somehow, though it’s clearly silly, in some way it’s compellingly, endearingly silly.  It’s the work of Bruin Bergmeester, who lives in the Netherlands, and has put five of these together with his wife in his living room, in colors.  …and they both seem to have a healthy sense of humor about the thing.  Besides everything else, it kind of looks like fun, doesn’t it?

Of course, we have the specs:

  • Brushless motor 250 watts.
  • Battery 36V – 17Ah
  • Range 40 km (depending on various factors)
  • Total length of the Lopifit is 2.3 m.
  • Frame made ​​of steel.
  • Drive: rear wheel with 3 gear shift hub.
  • Front wheel 28 inches, rear wheel 20 inches.

The price?  € 1,899.00 ($2100.00).

They have a couple of websites – this one, Lopifit.com, which isn’t very informative and looks like it’s the ordering portal, and this other one with lots of photos and stuff.

Lopifit - colors

Lopifit – colors

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Electric transmission for the win (again).

I don’t quite know why… but I want one!

Maybe it’s my saddle sores talkin’

Hi there,

You can order Lopifit in the USA. Please call 1844-I- do- Lopifit.

Thank you.

“Department of Extpremely Silly Scooters”, indeed. Why? It’s simply far too large and underpowered. This Made In USA scooter is reknowned for it’s suspension, folding form and ability to drive on sidewalks and walk/bike paths due to it’s being electric. I can attest to the fact this scooter is quick ( I’m 200lbs. ), reliable, fun and practical. The lithium Go-Peds are light enough for most females to lift into a hatchback ( Volt, LEAF, Model S, Prius or CUV )and it’s actually useable and worth the money due to it’s practical useability. The Lopfit is silly. The made in USA Go-Ped is a great way to go that extra mile from car to work or cruise the pits at an event. I own a lead-acid version of the ESR750H – the lithium ones were a bit on the pricey side, if not totally worth it…I took the lead-acid route, heavier, but I can lift it just fine. One day I’ll spring for the Li-Ion version. * No, I don’t work for Go-Ped. http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah170/J1772James/9f28729f-6718-4efb-803b-69770e67c00e_zpsrtnlruth.jpg Here’s the non-suspension version with seat option. Video shows how a folding, stand-up scoot can make life better, even in congested city environments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-NRLfzXgP4 Note to… Read more »

Here is an electric folding bike in the back
of a Model S. Another very clever option.


This particular, if spendy E-bike is called a Prodeco from Prodeco Technologies. Powered by LifePo batteries. A fantastic machine, if a bit bigger and more cumbersome than the Go-Ped. Also – made right here in USA, Florida, to be exact.

I like the Made in USA/Tesla/electric synergy.


I forgot to mention the motors. You want 600-1000 Watt motor to get you down the road.

This Lopfit behemoth with no suspension seems entirely underpowered at 250 Watts. My goodness, try to go up any hill in my neighborhood ( there are lots – Seattle is akin to San Francisco in topography ) and you’ll be S.O.L. on that thing.

Lots of ebike motors can put out significantly more power than their nameplate rating. That might also be the case here.
What you really need to know is how many amps the controller will put out.

The Lopifit is long because it needs room for a stride. It is not fully electric, you have to walk on it and the motor just amplified the power you provide yourself. That said, I don’t think it’s very practical in busy traffic but as an exercise tool (the purpose for which it was originally invented) it might be quite useful. I understand that a number have been ordered for recreational walks on pone of the Dutch North Sea islands where cars are not allowed. Exactly the type of use you might imagine – even if you do look a bit silly.


Looks healthier than bikes:

1. You’re not sitting down, constricting blood flow around organs, and over-stressing joints.

2. You’re upright (which keeps your metabolism turned on high) and burning calories while balancing, steering and walking.

Who cares if it’s “non-conventional” looking?

when and where was this created at

I think your assessment is completely inaccurate. I have 4 of these incredible bikes and will be a primary distributor in the USA. Everywhere I go people love them. I have given hundreds of test rides and traveled over 400 miles in the 4 weeks I have had them. They are great low impact exercise while also functioning as a viable form of transportation as well. We have clocked the bikes top speed at between 15 and 19 mph depending on rider weight and terrain. We have gotten between 60 and 80 miles on a single charge.

These are far from silly in my first hand experience and I invite you to contact me if you are in the USA to set up a test ride. Once you ride it you will want one.