Take A Look Inside The Spacious Tesla Model Y: Video


More space for all your stuff!

The freshly revealed Tesla Model Y looks a lot like the Model 3 from the outside. There are tons of similarities on the inside as well. One difference, besides a slightly higher seating position, is the space. With the back seat folded down, this all-electric crossover is capacious.

According to the automaker, the latest addition to the lineup — which is now, of course, S3XY — holds 66 cubic feet of cargo. That’s 1.9 cubic meters for our metric friends. As you can see in the video below, that translates to a lot of space.

So, basically, if you need the space, then opt for the Model Y, but you’ll have to wait a bit. If you don’t need all that room, then the slightly cheaper and readily-available-today Model 3 might be a better option.

Adding to the airy feeling is the panoramic roof. We’ve got a video below of that as well. Enjoy!




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Panoramic glass roof on Model Y

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Any photos of the hatch (it’s a hatch, right?) open? Reports are Tesla employees did not allow anyone at the test ride portion of the event to open the hatch.

I suspect it is a work in progress, car doesn’t ship for 20 months, so they only show more finalized portions of the car.

At the end (last second) of the first video you can see the opening.
It’s a hatch!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

He’ll only see what he wants to see. He’s just a hater of anything Tesla.

Only people that worship Elon and TSLA can ever ask questions about Tesla, right?

Marques Brownlee who was at the event and rode in one says they told him it’s an automatic lift gate hatch.

Picture please.

bro1999- Honestly, why do you even care? You absolutely have nothing positive to ever say about Tesla, why do you care about tracking their products so obsessively? I ain’t trying to pick a fight, but you’re truly baffling in how closely you follow the company.

“I ain’t trying to pick a fight”
I can detect complete BS when I see it.
Article is about the Model Y’s storage capacity, and I ask a completely valid question about photos of the hatch, and the TSLA zealots like you still jump on me because I’m the “resident Tesla hater”. Seriously, get a life dude. Your act is getting tiring. Because I’m a Tesla critic, I can’t even ask anything about Tesla?

There’s a difference between troll and critic.

Got it. So you arbitrarily sling negative arrows on the majority of all the Tesla threads you comment at, completely showing anti-Tesla bias, and then randomly choose (rarely) to be totally objective regarding Tesla, with the best of intentions. Ok, got it. At least we know where you (or don’t randomly) stand.

This pretty much sums it up: “You can sh-t the fans, but not the players.”

Difference between me and you: I don’t flip flop how I present to everyone here at this site. And regarding your self description of ‘critic’- true critics are at least somewhat objective.

So you obviously have 0 answers to my question and 0 material of substance to convey, so why are you even replying to me? Other than to troll? If you have something that directly relates to my question, please share it. Otherwise, STFU. Thanks buddy!

And to head off your inevitable “Why do you comment on Tesla articles?” whine. I just counted, and 10 of the first 11 articles on the IEVs homepage are Tesla related, so sorta hard NOT to comment on a Tesla article. Preemptive STFU for you.

We don’t generally have 10 Tesla articles in a row, but a new EV product reveal takes precedence> We have increasingly covered the Model Y almost exclusively since late yesterday. That’s just how it goes with new EV product announcements. We did much the same with Polestar, the 2018 Nissan LEAF, and Rivian, as well as the Model 3. In general, we may have 6-10 Tesla articles in a given day out of 25 or so posts, and we try to spread them out. We could easily have 25 out of 25, but we choose not to go that route.

Actually, I was the first one to (respectfully) ask a question, which YOU never answered, and it was a fair question. Go re-read my original comment. When you answer my question, I’ll answer yours. And for the record, I never swore at you.

There was nothing respectful about your question, (strike one) and Bro was the first to ask a question (strike two). You are correct that you didn’t swear, which is a good thing because that would have been strike 3 in my mind.

I’ll give you that he actually was the first to ask a question to the masses. I’ll disagree that I was disrespectful. Direct and pointed, but not disrespectful. Added to not swearing at folks here, I also don’t throw names/labels at folks I disagree with. I’ll own your strike one.

bro1999- it appears to be a hatch.

+1 for owning up. Well played, John.

Doth protesteth too much -we all figured you out long ago – bla bla bla – hate hate hate

MadBro said:

“I can detect complete BS when I see it.”

You ask us to believe your question was an honest one asked innocently, rather than the concern troll question it appears to be. Yet when John asks you a question honestly asking why you care, you treat him in the exact opposite way. I guess you have never heard of the Golden Rule?

Karma is a bitch, dude. You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

Hey bro, I can understand that you are a little hurt by this announcement. I mean the only claim to fame your precious Bolt had was the back was slightly bigger than the model 3. Now with the Model Y coming out do you think GM will even continue the bolt line. I mean Tesla is outselling the bolt 8 to 1 and that will only increase as production ramps up and they start delivering it to more countries.

Look closely at the pic in the top of this post: https://insideevs.com/tesla-model-y-panoramic-glass-roof-video/

You see the split line in the white metal for the hatch, and if you look closely there is a matching split in the roof glass. There’s your hatch.

Thanks, I’d noticed the bodywork line, but not the glass.

Glad to see someone else asking that question! It’s literally the only thing I’ve really cared about and it’s the only thing I’ve found no information on. The missing hatch is the biggest issue I have with the TM3, but it looks like they fixed that on the Y!

Yeah, it’s got a hatch. (Didn’t we already know it would have one?)

Now, the question that I’m sure lots of people are dying to have answered: Is it tow-rated?

But don’t you find it odd they didn’t actually show it opening, of that was one of the major features people were wanting?

Sorry I can’t see the hatch or trunk lid in any videos.
Is it a secret?

I had the same question, and got several downvotes. It’s weird. It’s a hatchback, seems like a reasonable question to ask if they showed the hatch opening at the reveal event.

I think there are people mixing up ‘hatch’ and ‘hole’. The video of the rear inside view clearly notes that it’s a hatchback. But I don’t think that’s bro’s question. What we see is the hole. Staring at the last second as people say and looks like there’s not actual hatch attached….which is perfectly reasonable thing to do if trying to make that video. But nonetheless it would be nice to see a picture of the hatch raised to see how they handle opening/closing and how far out of the way it goes. Model 3 has a sort of clever answer to the issue, but with all that curved class backside, the actual hatch movement/mechanism might be tricky. I think it looks more like a ‘liftback’ which seems to be an overall trend.

The Panoramic Glass Roof of the Tesla Model Y is simply GIGANTIC!!!

Actually, the European standard for measuring vehicle cargo space, VDA, isn’t a straightforward conversion of EPA cu.ft. into cubic meters — it measures the space available up to the top of the rear seats, or the parcel shelf, not the roof, and the measurement must be given for seats pu & down (for all rows). I suspect the VDA spec for the Model Y (all seats up on the 5-seater config) would be more like 500 liters, and for rear seats down on the 5-seater more like 1200 liters. That’s a bit better than compact CUVs, but less than European MPVs (my compact Citroën C4 Picasso is 630 liters VDA rear seats up, 1851 rear seats down, but it’s a higher vehicle and siginficantly less sloped roofline).

There are a million ways to measure space. Didn’t CU used to use golfballs?

Golfbags! In shooting breaks!

Ron Swanson's Mustache

You’d think that the measurement for a shooting brake would be the dollar value on the number of H&H and Purdey shotguns you could fit in the cargo area.

Sure there are various ways, but the VDA rating is very useful as a comparison and for many real-life scenarios, and is standardized.
IMO, volume up to the roof is less useful since piling up stuff so high blocks the rear view, and can be dangerous if it shifts around. A CUV is presumably a family-type vehicle, so the available volume with rear seats up is rather important.

It’s also quite strange that Tesla hasn’t published full dimensions either — presumably those aren’t going to change (unlike weight, which might not be 100% finalized as it depends on the specific options/equipment level).

Cars in Europe are launched with a full vehicle brochure with full specs, including drawings anddimensions of the cargo area. For some reasons, cars in the US don’t have that info.

I thought the international standard for cargo space was how many banana boxes would fit 🙂

I was just gonna ask that very thing! We all know that’s the real way to measure cargo space, right?


Beer not bananas.

How about a picture of the cargo area with just the 3rd row folded? That’s how I’d use it most of the time.

It appears that the cross support frame is at the hatch thus increasing the panorama of the glass roof over the Model 3. I have to say that combined with the seat-down space makes me want one too. Is the ground clearance the same as the Model 3? How about seat height?

The ground clearance certainly looks higher

There is black cladding making it look higher, but appears to be very similar.

I agree a big issue with going Model S to Model 3 is over the same reason. So easy to throw a bike, in back.

Tesla’s massive folly–the Y should have been designed BEFORE the 3.

They should have skipped the 3 and went straight to the Y.

Skip the Y and go to Z.

But at least change the nose on that thing – otherwise looks like a higher model 3 !

Yep but it still looks good


And miss on 200k+ sedan sales? Yeah, that makes alot of sense.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

LOL…. +1

It does when it could have been 200k+ Model Y sales at ~$10K more per sale.

According to Wagener, the first EQ model was always going to be an SUV. The compact crossover segment comes first because “it’s our hottest segment, so it was a no-brainer to start in that segment with an SUV-ish proportion.”

re: MB EQC

I have no doubt the Y would have sold just as many copies.

Makers are clamoring for SUV/CUV/Crossovers. There’d have been no shortage of Y buyers.

The only reason I can think of is that they were not expecting the massive demand for the 3 and thought it would be easier to ramp to that demand. Then, once stabilized they could hit it out with the Y.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That’s a lot of space for my subwoofers!!!
I just might have to upgrade from 10″ to 12″ in a ported box.

Is there a Frunk????

Does the Model 3 have a Frunk? I imagine the answer is the same. You can put all the junk in the frunk that you want.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Looking forward to putting a subwoofer in the Frunk Too!!!!

An in your Face KABLAM! of BASS! 😛

Like Elon would make a Tesla without one? I realize that the rear engine VW Bug had it first (among others), but the portmanteau of frunk truly belongs to Tesla.

Frunk is likely one of the 70% of parts that were reused from the Model 3.

The entire front end looks exactly like the Model 3, so it’s hard to imagine why it would not have the same frunk.

Hatch opening height is not great. Hopefully they can move the hatch line up to the C-pillar instead of the D-pillar

Where is the picture can you have a tailgate party.
I am total fan of Tesla and Space x I just want to know
what the utility is.

66 cubic feet? Pass.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

What small Electric Crossover/SUV are you comparing it to?
Or any other Crossover at that?
Rav4 EV?

Honestly Just curious.

Any other crossover?

Is that 66 cubic feet behind 2nd row or with 2nd row folded? it says “max cargo space” which implies the 2nd row is folded.

If that is the case, then Honda CRV has 75.8 cuft. Toyota Rav4 Hybrid has 70.6 cuft. Audi Q5 has 53.1 cuft. MB GLC has 56.5 cu ft. BMW X3 has 62.7 cuft. X5 has 72.3 cuft. Acura RDX has 58.9 cuft. MDX has 90.9 cu ft. Ford Edge has 73.4 cuft. Cadillac XT5 has 63 cuft. Subaru Forrester has 70.1 cuft.

It seems that Tesla has more than the typical luxury segment but way less than the non-luxury brands.

It really competes with the luxury brands, BMW X3 pricing is $41,000-~$60,000+. It is pretty obvious they wanted to beet or match the X3 on every interesting performance metric.

The MDX is essentially a 4wd minivan. I suspect forester, Rav4, and CRV benefit from more boxy styling, but lose in wheel base. Why I think the Model Y is as close as it is. The added wheelbase adds a lot to the cargo space (The Y is probably 8 inches longer between wheels than Forester, Rav4, CRV,

Cargo space number can be misleading though, look at how well the space will work for you. Load floor and such might matter.

Bolt has 56cu-ft.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

That’s not too bad. The Honda Element is something like 75 cubic feet.

It is roughly the same as a BMW X6. *shrug*

Like M3 and many crossovers, or sports hatches, M6 still offers good floor space. Personally, that’s what counts if I’m not trying to stand a garbage can, or pickup a washing machine.

Prototype seats I’m sure, but they don’t have rear tether anchors for car seats.

Every Tesla is spacious

Unless you are tall…

The Model 3 should have had 1 all glass roof and a hatchback