It’s Official. Tesla Uses NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 AI Computing Platform

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Heart of the Tesla’s new autonomous driving hardware, that some day will enable fully self-driving cars, is the latest NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 AI computing platform (see live presentation of it in action below).

Tesla Model X self-driving demo

Tesla Model X self-driving demo

NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX 2 is the open AI car computing platform that enables automakers and their tier 1 suppliers to accelerate production of automated and autonomous vehicles. It scales from a palm-sized, energy efficient module for AutoCruise capabilities, to a powerful AI supercomputer capable of autonomous driving.

For NVIDIA, DRIVE PX 2 is now in full production as Tesla requires thousands of units each month for manufacturing of the Model S and Model X, soon that number could be tens of thousands per month when the Model 3 assembly starts later next year.

Tesla Motors’ Self-Driving Car “Supercomputer” Powered by NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 Technology

Tesla Motors has announced that all Tesla vehicles — Model S, Model X, and the upcoming Model 3 — will now be equipped with an on-board “supercomputer” that can provide full self-driving capability.

The computer delivers more than 40 times the processing power of the previous system. It runs a Tesla-developed neural net for vision, sonar, and radar processing.

This in-vehicle supercomputer is powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 AI computing platform.

NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 is an end-to-end AI computing system that uses groundbreaking approaches in deep learning to perceive and understand the car’s surroundings.

Our deep learning platform is open and lets carmakers first train their own deep neural networks on GPU supercomputers. Once loaded into the car, it processes the networks at high speed to provide the real-time, accurate response required for autonomous driving.

DRIVE PX 2 is in full production.


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GO TESLA GO…thanks for creating jobs.

Thank Tesla? It’s Nvidia that made the platform, hopefully to be used by all car makers. I can’t wait to snooze in my commute, and self driving cars can’t come soon enough.

By the way, who’s the competitor? ATI got bought by AMD and then what happened? Like Tesla to GM, Nvidia needs competition to keep making better things.

Nvidia made the hardware, but I’m pretty sure they are thanking Tesla too, given Tesla is the first to use it and use it in an practical application (not just for a cool tech demo).

On product launch, nVidia stated that VOLVO was going to be their first customer, and implement 100 or so for testing and dev work.

Guess things changed fast…

Yes Volvo XC90 uses 100 or so units. Price tag was $15,000 for development kit.

The catch is that Drive PX 2 is whole platform with variety of different level offerings. Volvo uses most expensive one that is supposedly suitable for autonomous driving.

What uses Tesla is subject of speculation, but people assume it orders this one:
Small form factor DRIVE PX 2 for AutoCruise is designed to handle functions including highway automated driving, as well as HD mapping. This platform will be available in Q4 2016.”

That may cost well under $1000 and possible to put in every single car. Of course such single GPU can’t provide any autonomy, just a replacement for adoptive cruise control and lane keep assist. It would assume hardware upgrade will be needed by the time Tesla will have software for full autonomy.

LOL, zzzzz is panicking as Tesla surges ahead in this technology.

Tesla’s approach to Level 5 is the correct one because it is based on deep learning that will continue to improve as more and more miles accrue.

It might start off as Level 3 but it will continue up the ladder rapidly and get there first as a commercially viable system.

Once it does then it will have a MASSIVE market for taxis and other light duty fleet operators because combined with the much lower TCO of a BEV it will quickly start replacing all those vehicles that operate at a high number of miles per year.

When the Tesla Semi Truck comes online it will likewise have the same effect there as it will on the light duty fleet.

“Tesla’s approach to Level 5 is the correct one because it is based on deep learning that will continue to improve as more and more miles accrue.”

B.S. detector triggered. They don’t even have software for simple emergency braking with new platform. Fanboys may as well insist Model S will soon fly to Mars on its own :/ Just pay few thousands more for this feature when order Model S. You’ll provide unsecured loan to Tesla and will save whole grand (minus inflation) if you will still have the same car years later when/if Tesla will manage to reach Level 5.

‘”We can basically go between San Francisco and Seattle without the driver doing anything,” Musk said of the autonomous system that Tesla has developed.’ Do I need to add that it was said in 2015 about old Autopilot that had to be scratched?

While you were asleep things got better.
Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Rope.
Clues. Maybe you should get one.

LMFAO, you and people like Trump can be in denial mode all you want zzzzzz, the fact is that the B.S. here is all yours as upstart Tesla is making it happen rapidly and your team isn’t!

Looks very promising. I am very stoked about this technology. 🙂

When the car is parked at home, I want to be able to leverage all that CPU power (top end version = the computational power of 150 MacBook Pros), and utilize my vehicle’s AI computer as a networked renderfarm for outputting my 3D assets. 😉

That would be awesome.

You already have all that power if you have any 3D card in your personal computer (or mac with AMD card). This is just different format type. It’s not really that more powerful (They compare CPU vs GPU, ergo 150 MacBook Pros)

No. I don’t have a workstation capable of 8 TFlops a second.

My graphics card can only do about 4981 GFlops, though… 😛

Maybe is time to sell your The GTX 980 and buy something new in next month or two! hehe

It will only be the end to about 3.5 million truck driving jobs and that’s just a start. But hey who needs the working class. Soon enough only a handful to work on repair until that is no longer needed as well.

It’s how world works. You can say same for the horse riders or elevator operator or Ice Cutter (before people did not had refrigerators) and I can go on and on. Human civilization will have to adapt.

I see a lot of elevator operators in Asia even today, but you have a great point. Governments around the world need to start making plans as to what will happen when a huge chunk of jobs gets automated.

But does it run Quake?

I believe the article is misleading.

Going by both Tesla statements and developer documentation by Nvidia of DRIVE PX 2, Tesla is indeed using the chips Nvidia developed, but NOT the platform as a whole (which also contains reference SW Nvidia provides).

Tesla’s rolling their own SW, which makes sense as they clearly want autopilot & autonomy to be competitive advantages vis-a-vis other carmakers.
This means other vendors will have different systems, unless Tesla licenses it (unlikely in the near future)

Tesla always says they develop everything inhouse, but they lie.

NVidia provides the h/w, s/w and training. Tesla (possibly) does integration and provides additional training.