In November, EV Sales in Norway Exceed 10% For First Time Ever; Tesla Model S, LEAF and VW e-Up! Shine

Nissan Leaf in Norway

DEC 3 2013 BY MARK KANE 15

Tesla Motors Brings Revolutionary Supercharger to Europe With Launch Across Norway

Tesla Motors Brings Revolutionary Supercharger to Europe With Launch Across Norway

Another month passes and for Norway this mean that the cross is hung even higher. 11.9% is the number to beat now for EVs – this is the % of EV market share for new passenger cars sold in Norway in November.

Fully 1,434 EVs were registered last month in Norway, which is a new high, and “just” 1,120 more than in November 2012 when EVs had “just” 2.6% market share.

But that’s not all.  As always, Norwegians are on the mass scale of importing used EVs. This time around, 249 were imported in a single month.

The YTD tally stands at 6,609 EVs sold in Norway, which is more than twice in 2012.

As for those imported EVs, the YTD figure is at 1,683 – 1,311 more than in 2012.

There were some electric vans registered in a separate category in Norway too – 7 for November and 165 YTD.

Noteworthy is that the market share for diesel engine passenger cars in Norway fell from 56.6% in November 2012 to 48.6% this November. Maybe it is related to the EV revolution, which devours diesels one by one.

EV sales in Norway - November 2013

EV sales in Norway – November 2013

Ok. Lets look at the sales results for new EVs:

Tesla Motors lead the way with 527 Model S sedans registered and 4.4% market share. This was enough for second (corrected) place overall.

Nissan this time is behind Tesla with 512 LEAFs. 4.2% market share and fifth place overall.

Then we have the VW e-up! which is third for EVs! 275 registrations let VW grab #9 in the overall standings. Who’s surprised by that? (Puts hand up)

The rest of the EV pack has less than 35 registrations individually and approximately 120 when grouped together.

Hat tip to reader Alok!!!


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The Renault Zoe does not show up in the chart. Isn’t it available in Norway?

No, it is bering modified to better fitt the cold climat in scandinavia, so norway, serden and finland will see it first midd 2014

Hoorah! Norway rocks!

I plan to be in Oslo, Norway next summer. Will be fun to see all the EV’s whipping around.

Norwegians are great.

Hi, Mark!
My pleasure…literally.
According to the Norwegian website, Tesla was at n.2!!! Did you find some other source stating otherwise (n.4)?
Also: Nissan Leaf now on podium at n.3 for YTD sales, just after VW Golf and Toyota Auris.


Hi Alok 🙂

Volkswagen Golf 666
Toyota Auris 525
Skoda Octavia 524
Tesla 527
Nissan LEAF 512

My Error

Norway the prefect feeding frenzy for EV’s with ten dollar a gallon gas but it does show what could happen in a lot of other European Counties.

Great trend! Hope to see this continue, and spread to the rest of the EU.

Yea…Here’s another one! Holland, November 2013: – Best selling model: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, about 2,600 units (2,766 all versions), about 6.5% market share – Volvo V60 PHEV adds another 1,100 units – Total EV share around 10% (still partial data) ( ( Automatic translations will come out quite OK. Of interest, Mark? So, if one country with more than 10% share was not enough, we have two! Oh, we missed the n.1 spot this month in Norway (unlike the two previous months – Model S and Leaf in September and October respectively)… No problem: we have it in Holland! More “serious” notes: – In Norway we missed n.1 spot despite much higher market share because (I believe) of e-UP! eating into Leaf sales. That comes with more models becoming available. Of course total sales and total share are what count most. Anyway, I think there’s a chance of Model S going back to n.1, at least in some months, not having any direct competitor. I think there’s a huge market share available for the S, at least as long as financial benefits are available. Will supply be a problem? A nice one to have, in case… A new, interesting factor… Read more »

Wow that’s pretty significant. About a decade ahead of the rest of the world. If they could continue the momentum (which they probably can’t because the selection and overpricing is still terrible) they could actually soon snap over and become an EV dominant nation. That would be revolutionary.

This year the offer pricing of a lot of EV’s got lowered across the board by thousands of dollars which triggered a sires of new jumps in sales. Now we are facing capacity shortages in terms of building batteries and cars now do to the growing demand.

Are Volts/Amperas not sold in Norway? Or are they excluded from this list because they are not complete BEVs?

Yes. Volts/Amperas are counted and taxed as regular cars in Norway.