UPDATE: Here’s How To Get A BMW i3 For $10,000 Off

FEB 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

BMW introduced a bold $10,000 purchase incentive for all versions of the i3 and i3s (with or without REx – 2017 and 2018 Model Year) to all Southern California Edison customers and employees.

Yes, that’s $10,000 off, provided you’re in the SCE service area.

*UPDATE: Offer is available in New Jersey too through PSEG (see details at bottom of post).

SoCal Edison Sees No Immediate Threat to the Grid Coming From Influx of Plug-Ins

The offer is available through April 30, 2018 and comes on top of the following:

  • general SCE’s Clean Fuel Rewards Program of $450 reward for driving electric (applied to all plug-ins)
  • up to $7,500 federal tax credit
  • up to $2,500 California state rebate
  • 24 months of free charging at EVgo network

…which makes the i3 pretty darn affordable.

The deal is only for purchase (no lease incentive).

Here is more on the incentive with links:

“The offer is good at authorized BMW dealerships and is good through April 30 or while vehicle supplies last, whichever comes first. You can find a dealership near you using BMW’s Test Drive & Dealer Locator.

To take advantage of the offer, customers should bring a completed Customer Information Form and a copy of their current SCE bill to their local BMW dealer. If you live at the address on the SCE bill but your name isn’t on it, you will need your driver’s license to reflect the same address on the bill.

SCE employees will need to present BMW with a completed SCE Employee Customer Information Form and a photo ID and either their employee badge or a recent pay stub. Immediate family members are also eligible for the offer as long as they can prove they live at the same address as the SCE employee.

Incentive programs such as the BMW discount and the Clean Fuel Rewards Program are ways SCE is helping to accelerate the adoption of EVs to create a clean energy future. To encourage SCE customers to use electric cars, the company is developing a pilot program to offer customer rebates for residential charging station installation.

BMW i3 at EVgo charging station

The Charge Ready program expands the infrastructure for EV charging stations. More than 1,000 EV ports are being added across SCE’s service territory in places such as public parking lots, workplaces, hospitals, destination centers, and apartment and condominium complexes.”

“Drivers who go electric help reduce greenhouse gases and contribute to healthier, cleaner air for all Southern Californians. They also save money on maintenance and lower fuel costs. Each new BMW i3 comes with a Level 1 charger that can plug into a standard 120 volt residential outlet. For faster charging, customers can look into installing a charger at their home. Drivers can also charge at thousands of public use charging stations.

SCE also has different rate options to help customers charge their vehicle at home. These plans may include special rates offering lower costs for charging off-peak or at night. The EV Rate Assistant tool can help customers determine a rate that is best for them.”

Details: Southern California Edison

Katie Sloan, SCE principal manager of Innovation, Development and Controls said:

“Widespread adoption of EVs is critical in meeting California’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. The transportation sector accounts for nearly half of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and more than 80 percent of its air pollution. As we add more renewable resources to the grid, electric vehicles will become increasingly beneficial to the environment.”

New Jersey Discount Details

Save on a New 2018 BMW i3

Save now on a new BMW i3

1BMW Pre-Owned Vehicles, BMW Company Vehicles, Extended Test Drive, Shuttle or Limo and Retired Service Loaner Vehicles are not eligible. The i3 Purchase Incentive cannot be used in conjunction with other programs and special offers.

Specific vehicles are subject to availability. Incentive is subject to change without notice and should be confirmed with your dealer at the time of transaction. The i3 Purchase Incentive must be used at time of purchase. Visit your authorized BMW dealer for important details.

2Tax credits and tax exemptions are complicated and subject to change without notice. While PSE&G and BMW of North America, LLC do their best to keep this information up-to-date, they cannot guarantee the current accuracy or your eligibility. We recommend consulting a tax professional to validate availability of credit and tax exemption as well as eligibility.

Save now on a new BMW i3!

This offer is not an endorsement of any BMW product. PSEG, its affiliates, subsidiaries and employees are not the agents of BMW or the manufacturers or sellers of any BMW product and they make no claims, representations or warranties, whether express or implied, as to the quality, safety, reliability or performance of any BMW product. PSEG, its affiliates, subsidiaries and employees accept no liability whatsoever with regard to any BMW product.

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On the Century West BMW website, BMW is offering $10K off all 2018’s to anyone:

$10,000 cash back on select BMW models
$10,000 cash back
Applies to select new 2018 BMW i3 and i3 with Range Extender.
Offer only valid 2-09-2018 through 1-02-2019

From their website (SCE stands for Southern California Edison):
“Residential Customers Can Now Get $10,000 Off a BMW i3
SCE is helping to make it easier and more affordable to drive electric.”

It sure looks like they inflate their prices to account for this “offer”.
Take the one at $56,245 msrp, after the discounts you get down to around $36k. On cars.com right now there is one with similar options 2014 with 30k miles for $18K. Is it worth it to pay $18k for the 3 year difference and 3 extra years of warranty? Hell no! Even after the “discount” a used i3 is still way better deal.

Not sure if that Century West BMW’s $10K discount is for everyone. It’s for Corporate Sales Program. Check out their disclaimer:

Corporate Sales Program is open to eligible employees or members of select organizations that have partnered with BMW of North America, LLC for eligible new BMW models. Incentive amounts are subject to change without notice and should be confirmed with your BMW Center at the time of transaction and must be used at time of purchase. Amount of incentive based on vehicle and finance/lease method. Program runs from January 3, 2018 through January 2, 2019.

You have to be crazy to not take this offer. This is a Premium Vehicle.

The cheapest one they have is at $51k!!!
After 20k off you are still looking at $31k for crying out loud! Very underwhelming offer.

You can’t be serious. $38K MSRP LEAFS can be found on the used market for $8000. So what. The i3 is one of the most advanced and innovative cars in the world for under $100000, period. Most cars lose about half their value in 3yrs. Figure in the incentives and many used EVS can be had at incredible discounts.

Here is a short interview with Elon about the BMW i3..


4 year old interview for a guy that has not really lived up to his promises. He’s an idea man. I love it. But laughing at the competition usually comes back to bite you in the ass.

I’m sure there’s tape of BMW executives laughing at all the massive delays and production issues Tesla has had over the last 4 years since this earnings call.

I was on the list/made a deposit for the 3. Was VERY excited for it, but I’ve now been in two of them and it’s clear they are not ready for prime time. At all. So I cancelled my reservation.

18 months in on my 2017 i3 BEV and I’ve never been happier. Tesla is going to have to do more than shoot one of their cars into space to lure me away at this point.

Still Lovin’ my 2014 i3 Rex and future owners you will too !

40,000 + miles and going!

Yup,i3 owners love their cars..

BMW has partnered with PSEG in New Jersey also, so you can get the 10K off in NJ too:


Oregon dealers are also offering the $10k off on the same models but I noticed one said military discount…..hmm
They also have lease returns for about $20k.

Why not include leasing 🙁

Because on a 2 yr lease the car would virtually be free.

Even on the 36 mo the lease would be free. You don’t expect a 36 mo lease to be more than $20K, do you?

If oonly I could get PSE&G to lay a cable across the Delaware River for me…

Oops. Too many o’s.

Brings it down closer to the Bolt and other competitors in price. What a coincidence. I don’t doubt the quality of BMWs, but not impressed with the way the #s compare so not surprised if they have to.