First Karma Revero Prototype Built In US Rolls Off California Assembly Line

JUN 26 2016 BY JAY COLE 33

1st Fisker Revero Prototype Built In Moreno Valley, California

1st Fisker Revero Prototype rolls downs the line n Moreno Valley, California

This Was The Scene 4.5 Years Ago When The First (Of An Eventual 2,500-odd) Karmas Rolled Of Valmet Automotive's Assembly Line in Finland

It was 5+ years ago when the first (Of An Eventual 2,500-odd) Karma rolled of 3rd party automaker Valmet’s assembly line in Finland

Once upon a time, the Fisker Karma was the talk of the EV world – spoken in the same breath as Tesla and the Model S; not only for the fact that it plugged-in, but that it had gorgeous automotive lines – penned by founder Henrik Fisker.

Unfortunately the talk of its qualities quickly shifted to the Karma’s historical failure to launch issues, teething problems, and eventually the US Department of Energy’s decision to pull its $465 million dollar development loan.

The company went insolvent in November of 2013, however Chinese part-giant Wanxiang bought the Fisker assets in 2014, promising to not only resurrect the Karma, but to do so in the US.

And while the return to production has been a bumpy one, fraught with delays, and even saw the company’s name and model switch places (Fisker to Karma, Karma to Revero), in May
Karma’s parent Wanxiang made on good on its earlier US production promises, as the first Revero prototype rolled off its Moreno Valley, California assembly line.

First Karma Revero prototype being assembled

First Karma Revero prototype being assembled

Says Karma:

“A flame-red 1993 Chevrolet Camaro was the last car to roll off an assembly line in Southern California 24 years ago. We changed that this May when the first Karma Revero rolled off our Moreno Valley assembly line. The first of many.”

Karma reportedly plans to produce and sell some ~150 Reveros in 2017, but has bigger plans for the future (anyone remember Wanxiang’s promise to build the smaller/more affordable Atlantic concept at some point?).

The company intends to show off the finished Revero product this Summer, and also to start taking orders for it by the end of the year.

Gallery (below):  More production shots of first prototype Karma Revero being assembled

First US-Built Karma Revero prototype on the line in Moreno, CA

First US-Built Karma Revero prototype on the line in Moreno Valley, CA

First US-Built Karma Revero prototype on the line in Moreno, CA

First US-Built Karma Revero prototype on the line in Moreno Valley, CA

First US-Built Karma Revero prototype on the line in Moreno, CA

First US-Built Karma Revero prototype on the line in Moreno Valley, CA

First US-Built Karma Revero prototype on the line in Moreno, CA

First US-Built Karma Revero prototype on the line in Moreno Valley, CA

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okay dokay

let’s pray building quality will be better than it was in Finland

Looks like “Bad Karma” .. this should go over like a Lead balloon..

Looks kinda like this, spotted in Novi, MI on Friday!

View post on

It looks just like the last one! Did they just rename it and hope that that somehow will sell it?

The basic concept is sound, and a plurality find it very attractive. The problems it faced when last produced were mostly due to a lack of testing and debugging. There have been reports that they are replacing the drivetrain with components sourced from BMW, though that remains to be seen.

They seem to have set rather modest sales goals. If they can manage to iron out the performance and reliability kinks in this relaunch, the Chinese market alone could absorb most of the small run production.

“Did they just rename it and hope that that somehow will sell it?”

Well, renamed and hopefully fixed a lot of the bugs. But, yes, it is basically the same car with a new name and some fixes.

I really hoped that the Fisker Karma would succeed. Much as I’m a fan of Tesla Motors, I don’t think the entire field of compelling, robust EVs should be left to one company.

But the Karma project was riddled with problems, not just financial problems with raising capital, but also electrical and/or mechanical problems with the cars. At this point, trying to put it back into production — even with a bit of upgrading here and there — seems like throwing good money after bad.

Still, good luck to them, and I hope they can prove me wrong.

It is still a plug-in hybrid, right?

Not interested.

Infernal Pollution Engine, no thanks!
Over-priced hybrid, nothing new…
It will fail again.

Is this a coupe or sedan?

It’s the same Goofy Car , Designed By a Goofy Designer that was fired from Tesla , Because he was there to Steal Trade secrets & design Un-acceptable Goofy Cars for Tesla as an Excuse to stay & Steal ideas….to take with him for his Goofy Karma Car Company..which later Failed…

Wrong, wrong and wrong. Tesla filed an arbitration claim against Fisker and lost. Fisker was vindicated; he stole nothing. Also, I own an original Karma and it’s the most stunning car I’ve ever owned. People take pictures all the time; people stop me on the street to ask questions and invariably compliment the car. Sorry, you have car envy.


You are one proud owner. I haven’t seen/heard from many like you!

The court didn’t say he stole nothing – that’s not how it works. It said Tesla didn’t prove beyond all reasonable doubt that he did, and he must therefore be ASSUMED innocent.

In any case, 150 PHEVs is a fart in deep space. It’s not relevant in any way, shape or form.

Oh, and sorry about your purchase.

Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard of proof in a criminal case, and if the highest standard of proof. An arbitration hearing is a civil case and therefore has a much lower standard of proof called a “preponderance of evidence.”

Preponderance of evidence is defined as evidence which is of greater weight or more convincing than the evidence which is offered in opposition to it; that is, evidence which as a whole shows that the facts sought to be proved are more probable than not. In other words, the “preponderance of evidence” standard of proof is like a see-saw where proving the facts set out are more than 50% probable wins the case. Even 50.01% is sufficient to win an civil case such as an arbitration hearing.

Never liked the Karma, it looks like it’s trying to emulate all the bad design cues of every luxury manufacturer. Looks like one of those knock-off cars from China, except way more expensive. I’d be more on-board with the design if it wasn’t for the grill that looks like The Joker (from Batman) and the cartoonish way the wheels are accentuated by the fenders so that they look way bigger than they should. Reminds me of those R/C cars with giant wheels that were so big you could flip the car over and it would still drive on the other side. Then there’s the cabin which seems really cramped, probably more so than a Honda Insight. Anyway, that’s just my opinion but I’m glad other people like it. Plus, it’s not as bad looking as a Nissan Leaf, so there’s that…

It is a a 4-door Coupe.

So it seems that at best, this is the same Fisker Karma but with some of the bugs fixed?

Meh. This is will be a tiny niche seller at best. The car design is very impractical and there is not much room inside. I think Tesla has shown that going pure EV is the way to go for the high end of the market . . . it makes it a real luxury ride because there are no fill-ups, no vibration, no lurching transmission, no stinky toxic exhaust, no noise, etc.

The only thing this car really has going for it is the same things that the i8 had going for it . . . it is a rarity and it looks cool. But like the i8, it is expensive and impractical.

And even worse it is being priced in the same range as the i8 but with nowhere near the same performance as the i8.

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

I’m looking forward to the day (soon) when hybrids do not qualify as EVs in peoples (or the presses) minds.

Bet I’m not the only one.

I don’t call PHEVs “EVs”. I do use the broader term “plug-ins” to refer to both EVs and PHEVs.

I test drove the Karma a few times. – Didn’t seem quite finished in the power electronics software, as it had a problem with ‘cogging’ at low speeds. My ELR just has the smallest trouble with the regen paddles that way, but it is so small it can be ignored in the ELR, but much larger in the Karma. And the unfused radiator fan that burned down one or two garages is a definite no-no – hopefully the new company cleared those minor troubles. But the basic car is attractive, if they don’t overprice it. If not, then it will see plenty of sales. People were crawling all over it at the Buffalo Auto Show 3 years ago (?) – and that is with the nearest dealer in Rochester… It was THE most popular car there since it so BIG and sleek. Its probably not in my future anymore since I no longer want to spend that kind of money on a car (I decided against a Model S for the same reason, besides others) – but I’m sure many will enjoy it as it is definitely a head turner, and gets 40-50 miles all electric range – much better… Read more »

My opinion only…

The Karma was “beautiful from a distance”.

And the greater the distance, the more beautiful it was.

I like to think of the Fisker/Karma/Revero as the Miss America of cars. It’s pretty, but would you really want one? Not if you have half a brain, you wouldn’t.


The Karma sounds badass in person

Loved the rakish body, always hated the grill(wasn’t too fond of the nosecone on the previous Model S either). Always preferred Tesla because they were ‘all in’ on the electric front.

They have said that they are re-designing the front grill. They haven’t released what it will look like yet, but it isn’t supposed to be the same as the Fisker grill.

Apparently the problems with the Fisker Karma was that much of the vehicle was assembled from parts made by independent vendors. Quality & on time delivery of the parts varied, with Fisker having difficulty forcing the suppliers to meet contract requirements. A major problem was A123 Systems, the battery supplier, had financial difficulties, finally filing for bankruptcy protection. Tesla is bringing more of parts production in house for similar reasons. Henry Ford made all the parts for the Model T because he wanted complete control over parts quality & delivery schedules. The new owners not on bought Fisker but also A123 Systems & make far more of the parts so quality & delivery will be much more in their control, promising a more reliable vehicle.

Lol. Building a 10-yr-old design like people will buy it.

Yeah, people buy reproduction cars like Cobra, but, I seriously doubt this company will stay in the car business without more modern and compelling cars.

I never did like the look of the Karma nose. Like a handle bar mustache adorned with a couple diamonds. Scary.