Electric Vehicle Sales Continue To Be Unstoppable In China – Up 170%

MAR 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 24



After tremendous growth in 2015, and setting a record of over 330,000 New Energy Vehicle (pure electric and plug-in hybrids) sales in China, many were wondered whether the growth could continue in 2016.

Well, wonder no more as the Chinese market rolls into uncharted territory at an unprecedented pace.

Total production of NEVs in January and February increased to 37,937, while sales rose to 35,726 – both up 170% up year-over-year. These gross numbers includes all kinds of electric vehicles, not only cars (buses, commercial trucks, etc).

All-electric vehicles account for 73% of total production and nearly 70% of total sales. BEVs are also growing faster than PHEVs.

“According to the statistics made by CAAM, for the first two months, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 37,937 units and 35,726 units respectively, both increasing 1.7 times year on year. To be specific, the production and sales of BEV reached 27,850 units and 24,835 units, increasing 2.6 times and 2.7 times year on year; and such figures for PHEV were 10,087 units and 10,891 units, increasing 60.1% and 68.5% year on year.”

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Ocean Railroader

China needs to put in Chamo and CSS chargers in that Russia put one in the the middle of their county.


Hopefully China will stick to only one and force the rest of the world to use that one. I vote for Tesla Supercharger. Wishful thinking, I know.


Even the Supercharger has different plugs for the USA and Europe. And in China Tesla are using the one from Europe 🙂


Hmm. I thought China has had a standard for years – GB/T 20234. Why would they want to switch to Tesla?


Yep . . . various standards were being settled on but China just had to be a jerk and go with their own different standard. I presume as a step to make it harder for other countries to sell their vehicles in China. (In addition to the step of having to open a factory in China to avoid steep tariffs. 🙁 )


Did Europe consult them on CCS? China is geographically and demographically larger than either Europe or the US and specifically, they account for a vast majority of EV sales. They get to set the rules if they want to!


China’s GB/T standard is superior to the other standards (Tesla is proprietary, not a standard). It has 250 kW charge rate, and a reasonable sized plug, smaller than the Chademo and CCS plugs that are limited to 100 kW.

Why would they switch? Europe, Japan, and North America should switch to the GB/T standard.



EV sales in China Unstoppable….Could this be because the Chinese are of a higher Intelligence & wiser than many of their Western Neighbors…


Perhaps or maybe it’s because people are dying in their thousands in the major cities from pollution.

Mister G


I hope Americans don’t wait for pollution to be that bad in order to fight our oil addiction.


It’s nice to see that BEVs outdouble (outnumber by double, get it? Just came up with it =P) PHEVs, which I wouldn’t even call EVs.


Best the Chinese maket is nearly only very small EVs, cheap without frills and no battery monster. Tesla should not offer Model 3 there, it would fail more than Model S.


And you are coming to this conclusion based on your expert industry knowledge? I think not. Do remember, Model S is sold at a ludicrous price in China due to import restrictions, which should change when the new factory is up.


No, only looked the top 100 cars sold in China, and most are DAMM cheap, less than 13k $. It is a emerging developing country, many save money for years until they buy one for 10k $. Sure Tesla could build Model 3 cheap in China, but not in the range of ~ 24k $. Chinese buy also luxury cars, but they are more a niche within the 20 Mio cars which are sold.


China is now GM’s #1 market. Surely not everything GM sells there is sub-$13k?

Remember, Tesla doesn’t have to outsell all other auto makers, and not necessarily any one of them. It only has to sell every single car it makes. And it does that regularly… an accomplishment almost no other auto maker achieves!

Tesla doesn’t need to outsell the Chinese auto makers selling those cheap, tiny, limited speed (and rather limited electric range) microcar EVs. Tesla isn’t trying to compete in that market. Tesla just needs to sell Model ≡’s as fast as it can make them, while continuing to ramp up production every year until it’s one of the major auto makers.


I think the Chinese leadership have made the decision to push China into EVs hard. They have several decent reasons to do this:
1) China has very little oil so every additional gasoline car adds more oil dependence to an already oil dependent nation.
2) EVs are clearly a very important and growing technology for the future so they are getting their industry to work hard on it.
3) Their heavily polluted cities could be helped by reducing the number of gas/diesel burning vehicles.

So I think they will continue to hand out EV registrations like candy but severely restrict the allowable registrations for gas/diesel vehicles.

Sometimes having an autocratic system can be useful. If you have a benevolent dictator, you can do good things. 🙂 But in general, it is a bad thing. Check out the stories on squashing free speech in China that have been coming out lately. 🙁


Good for the Chinese. If they had oil barons like the Koch brothers, they’d have easily bribed their way to stopping EVs.


It’s interesting that China is now the leading country in wind power, solar power, and now EVs, all by astounding margins. Talk is cheap, as they say. China is putting its money where its energy industry is. Good for them.


Time for a Buick Bolt for sale in China. (basically electrify the Buick Encore, or even better the Buick Envision since it is already made in China)


That is a good idea. The Buick brand is strong in China, the Bolt deals with range issues pretty well, and it would be very easy to register such a car. They might be pushed into using a local battery supplier though.


Holy crap! People are actually *buying* glorified golf carts (AKA “Neighbourhood electric vehicles) in China!

This means that every last commenter here knows exactly nothing about China when they say things like “they need more ChaDeMo” or “they need the Chevy Bolt” or “they need wheels”.

Like honestly, just stop.


Well I don’t agree with your assessment that nobody here has made any informed comments, but it certainly does appear awfully Eurocentric to ask why China doesn’t adapt the CHAdeMO charging format.

Why doesn’t Europe adopt the Chinese charging format? In fact, why doesn’t every EV maker except Tesla adopt that as the new standard? (I’m making an assumption here; that the Chinese format wouldn’t allow the high current Tesla needs for Supercharging.)


Oil companies are buying politicians to control the full scale production of EV’s. China has the most polluted air environment in the world today, but they are taking huge steps to change all that. They are number one in solar and wind development. Now they are doing the same with cars. Big oil has to go.


You guys really should check out adding LEVs to that graph, really puts things in perspective. LEVs blow away the sales numbers compared to everything else. Chinese are adding millions of these to their roads each year.