Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S(#1), X(#8) Among 10 Most Satisfying Cars




Tesla Model S

Of Consumer Reports’ Top 10 most satisfying cars, the Tesla Model S lands in the top spot once again. Not surprisingly, the Model X makes a repeat appearance as well.

As we know, Consumer Reports’ relationship with Tesla has its ups and downs, though from time to time the publication has some pretty positive coverage of the Silicon Valley automaker. This is especially true when it comes to reviews driven by owner satisfaction. The brand claimed the same two spots in last year’s survey.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Exactly how important is an automaker’s customer satisfaction when it comes to helping people in their buying decision? Consumer Reports explains:

“Choosing the perfect car can involve significant research, as you look at pricing, features, and safety. A savvy shopper will also factor in a model’s reliability and even its owner satisfaction, that survey-based measure of how pleased car buyers are with the vehicle they own. Being armed with this broad collection of data, backed up with a personal test-drive, should help shoppers identify the model that meets all their needs and makes them happy.”

In order to get a grasp on a brand’s level of customer satisfaction, CR carries out a yearly survey related to a half a million vehicles. Two pieces of information are all that CR needs to secure the winners. Owners rate their cars in six categories (driving experience, comfort, value, styling, audio, and climate systems), along with answering one question:

“If they had it to do all over again, would they definitely buy or lease the same model?”

The Tesla Model S provides versatile seating options and significant cargo space while delivering exhilarating acceleration. Not to mention its long all-electric range and sleek styling. In terms of driving dynamics, the Model S is relatively firm and agile, though it provides a coddling ride. All-wheel drive is standard, as is an enormous touch-screen infotainment system.

The Tesla Model X shares the S’ power, driving dynamics, range (within reason), all-wheel drive, and infotainment. However, it’s a bit more flashy with its falcon wing doors and futuristic, if not, peculiar facade. Five-, six-, and seven-passenger variants are available.

The list is as follows:

1) Tesla Model S
2) Porsche 911
3) Chevrolet Corvette
4) Lincoln Continental
5) Ford F-350
6) Mazda MX-5 Miata
7) Toyota Prius
8) Tesla Model X
9) Honda Odyssey
10) Dodge Challenger

Source: Consumer Reports

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18 Comments on "Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S(#1), X(#8) Among 10 Most Satisfying Cars"

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Tesla will still go after Consumer Reports any time anything that is not totally positive comes out.

Once again the Prius and Lincoln Continental out rank the X. People are strange sometimes.

Are you biased much?? Why couldn’t more people be satisfied with the Continental, or the Prius over the X, which you have to admit has been buggy? Remember, this list is about customer satisfaction with their purchase, not neat-o features, or prestige, or being green, or being cutting edge.

AGREED… X is cool but seems buggy. Love Tesla but those doors where a stupid idea and burned valuable time, money, … which should have been spent on the 3.

The only reason the prius is on the list is because their owners have never test driven another car.


A Prius owner here.

In the past 10 years I have driven more than 400,000 miles in 6 different vehicles, ranging from a budget hatchback to a 7-seater SUV and from an EV to a pickup truck. Including about 90K miles in a Prius.

In the practical categories like overall value for money, reliability and versatility the Prius is one of the best, if not the best. For some people it’s synonymous with “satisfactory”.

Have 150k miles on a 2007 Prius and have complete satisfaction with it. Not perfect but has been the most efficient, reliable car I have ever owned in over 40 years of driving so yes, it belongs on that list. Have owned & driven lots of vehicles in that time too…. Now, that said, drove a P90D. Was very nice…if only I could afford to hand over +$100k for a car.

Have to add my exp. here, I have owned 2 Prii, an 04 and 08. It’s the best car I have ever seen from a purely practical standpoint! Roomy enough, extreamly fuel efficient, very reliable. This year I will get rid of it when I get my Tesla3 but the wife still drives a RAV4 hybrid we got because of the 300K we put on the 2 Prii, I have hopes for the M3 but the Prius is still a great car!

Odd list to say the least. One would expect a Lexus to get on there….and Dodge? Really? Thanks for posting it.

Agreed… very confused on why Lexus didn’t show up. That seems a little suspect.

I would imagine that most Lexus buyers expect their car to be darned near perfect, and then the car falls short of that, they let Lexus, and CR, know that it fell short.
This list is for satisfaction of the owners, not for the excellence of the vehicles. Tesla owners believe in their cars even with their flaws. Ditto that for the Prius/Dodge owners.

The Ford F-350?
OMG, that’s real luxury.
We need some real standards to be implemented.
More like a Russian Troll voting system.

Let’s hope your “real standards” for “Russian Troll” CR Satisfaction vote consideration, include the wildly renoun EV “Muskovites”!

Muscovites need not submitt their Vote/Survey!

didn’t say luxury…said consumer satisfaction… would you buy it again.

I agree that Model S is #1, at least in my list of Most satisfying vehicle list.

But when I see Prius and Odyssey on the list of the “most satisfying” vehicle. It makes me wonder how “credible” this so called list is.

I think Consumer Report should stick with its reliability survey result only and leave other rankings alone…

Most people who buy the Prius or the Odyssey have specific requirements which these cars meet very well.

The Prius is a great car for driving long distance using little fuel, and it’s hybrid system makes it better for stop and go traffic and the like.

The Odyssey is among the best minivans.

The fact that these ratings surprise you might say more about you than the ratings.

Explain to me in a rational way, why buyers of a Toyota Prius, or Honda Odyssey could not, or would not be satisfied with their purchase.