BYD Tops 10,000 Electric Vehicle Sales For The Fifth Month In A Row

NOV 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 5

BYD for fifth consecutive month sold more than 10,000 plug-in cars in China.

The 10,252 in October is 73% more than year ago, which although a strong number, is still the lowest growth rate for the company over the past 2 years.

BYD e6 400

BYD e6 400

Historical data shows that November and December brings a strong EV sales bump in China, so we looks forward to new records being set.

Interestingly, BYD managed to sell more than 10,000 units this month despite the plug-in hybrid Tang plunging to just 1,529 sales (down from more than 2,100 in September, and the more than 3,000 and 3,500 sold in July and June), far from being the best selling plug-in model in BYD’s stable as it often has been in the past.

What’s more surprising is first all-electric offering from BYD, the e6, now is top seller with more than 3,100 in October (a new record)! The e5 also set its personal record at 2,124.

BYD October sales breakdown:

  • e6 – 3,118
  • Qin EV300 –  2,124
  • e5 – 1,943
  • Qin – 1,538
  • Tang – 1,529
BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – October 2016

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – October 2016

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5 Comments on "BYD Tops 10,000 Electric Vehicle Sales For The Fifth Month In A Row"

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I should say when and not if- BYD begins selling cars in N. America (non fleet), there’s a chance they could begin in states like California with an all plugin lineup.

I think this is a great idea. Nothing like competition to ignite a market. Are BYD’s products up to American and Canadian quality and style standards? They could hit the market running with attractive pricing. Somebody call Warren Buffet – quick!

Our new president will surely take notice immediately, that’s for sure. Would he shut that down with tariffs, or make it easier for U.S. automakers to compete by enacting or expanding incentives?

BYD recently received an order for 8k e6s from one Chinese city so those 3k sales may be part of that…
It is also interesting that the BEVs are now outselling the plugin hybrids for them…
BYD is/was also supposed to have 2 smaller plugin (BEVs?) SUVs come to market by the end of the year…
With Trump the new president I think BYD would certinaly go to EU before here and when they do I would think they should be BEV only and no plugin hybrids to reduce complexity maintance and realibity…
Like Tesla BYD needs more batteries before expanding and they have massive battery plant expansion plans and the money from Samsung was supposed to help find those plans…

Looks like six consecutive months to me. December 2015 too

Haha don’t mind me… I thought Jun was Jan