BYD Plug-In Electric Cars Sales In China More Than Doubled In January

FEB 21 2016 BY MARK KANE 4

BYD Tang

BYD Tang

BYD plug-in electric car sales relaxed after the year-end rush, but year-over-year still moving up pretty fast.

The total volume of Tang, Qin, e5 and e6 sales in China amounted to 5,471 in January – up 134% compared to January 2014.

  • Tang – 4012
  • Qin 517
  • e5 – 256
  • e6 – 686

Inside the numbers, it is pretty interesting that the BYD Qin sales slide to just 517, a level not seen since launch. Even the pure-electric e6 fared better – a rare occurrence.

It seems that the main forces of growth is focused now on the plug-in hybrid SUV Tang.

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As excited as WE get about plug-in sales in China, it’s very sobering to realise that in the January market of 2,175,331 vehicles sold, the Wuling Hongguang led with 70,002 sales, and the BYD Tang in 151st place achieved 4002 sales.

I’m impatient I know in order to get to a carbon neutral world by 2050 or earlier. A plus 1.5 deg C outcome requires a serious effort of war like commitment. 2nd generation EVs can’t come soon enough. Waiting for global market near mainstream EVs like the next Leaf and Tesla Model 3 will be excruciating (for me).


Put your money where your mouth is and lease a 2016 Leaf, i3, 2016 Volt today. If we want better EVs in the future we must consume the models available today, increased demand will stimulate innovation and lower prices for all of us. Don’t delay and make excuses. I leased 2012 Leaf for 3 years and now lease 2016 Leaf, but my dream car is a 200 plus mile EV for $35k.

We have put 15,000 miles onto our 2015 VW e-Golf in California already, the other car is a gas car and we put maybe 2000 miles on that one, mostly from trips to the ski resort. If only I had the money to get the X 🙂

Why do you guys not post articles on full China EV sales? I mean – I agree that BYD is the most impressive brand in China, but other local automakers are also selling in big numbers.