BYD Exceeds 8,600 Plug-In Vehicle Sales In May, Nearly Meeting 2016 Result For First Time

JUN 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – May 2017

Total sales of BYD’s six plug-in models offered in China numbered 8,631 in May, which is the best result so far this year (the good news), but still 4% down compared to 2016 (the bad news).

BYD e5 etaxi

Helping BYD finally catch-up to last year’s results is the Song PHEV – which according to EV Sales Blog noted 2,068 sales in May, in its first full month.

The e5 is surprisingly on the top, setting records of its own in April and May (3,131), but the real potential going forward would seem to be in the Song – we are excited to see how the plug-in does in the upcoming months!

BYD sales breakdown:

  • e5 – 3,131  (7,620 YTD)
  • Song PHEV – 2,068  (2,286 YTD)
  • Tang 1,589 (5,929 YTD)
  • Qin EV300 – 839 (3,524 YTD)
  • e6 – 652 (2,732 YTD)
  • Qin – 352 (1,292 YTD)

Overall looking at the chart (below), it is clear that BYD is quickly recovering from the nuclear result of temporary Chinese red tape that virtually obliterated plug-in sales to start the year.

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – May 2017

source: ChooseAuto and EV Sales Blog

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6 Comments on "BYD Exceeds 8,600 Plug-In Vehicle Sales In May, Nearly Meeting 2016 Result For First Time"

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Things are better for BYD but not what they could be…

BYD has stated and their product line shows that they are trying to push plugin hybrids over BEV but the problem is China salea data says those consumers want BEVs as 17 ot the top 20 selling plug ins were BEVs…

Tang was the top selling plug in and Qin 2nd selling plug in last year with the Tang 6th and falling while the Qin does not even make the top 20…

BYD also does not compete in the small car class of BEVs which are now the top 2 sellers of BEVs in China…

Good news for BYD is they are still supposed to come out with a BEV version of theSong and a BEV version of their small crossover Yuan…

In short I am kinda dissappointed as I was hoping they would drastically increase sales this year and at best they might only match last years sales…

Good to see BYD coming back. I was in China last month and I have to say the BYD offerings look pretty good. They are pretty basic and the styling isn’t amazing but I would drive one quite happily for the right price.

Good to see that BYD is coming back on track. Hope they increase the BEV models as the prices of battery goes down.

Congratulation!I believe BYD would come back to No.1 in the second half of this year.

BYD is making excellent strides in other markets such as electric buses and sanitation trucks and other trucks for large companies around the world.

I can’t wait for the cars to come to the US, but I think that the company is super smart to build their brand and not to waste their profits /marketing dollars and put it back into building factories that are producing the buses and trucks where there is an interest and need and putting folks to work.

As an investor and American, I anxiously have been watching BYD for a long time and they appear to be setting the company up to be incredibly strong in all of its divisions and to continue to be profitable.

I will be first in line when they hit the ground running with auto sales in the US. I think the company is setting itself up to be a major player around the world and by “comin in through the back door” by contracting with local government entities and companies such as Goodwill, etc. They are sure to rise above so many other companies just focusing on the individual auto sales.

Bravo BYD!

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