BMW i3 REx EPA Testing Complete – BMW Expects i3 REx Deliveries To Occur By End Of Week

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What’s holding up the release of the BMW i3 REx from US ports?  Why have all the US BMW i3 sales been only of the i3 BEV?  What’s the deal with the i3 REx?

Our inbox has been flooded with BMW i3 REx inquiries, most of which contain questions similar to those listed above.

Ashlan Coustea - Proud Recipient Of BMW i3 #1 on West Coast - BEV Deliveries Are Well Underway - No I3 RExs Are Being Delivered Though

Ashlan Coustea – Proud Recipient Of BMW i3 #1 on West Coast – BEV Deliveries Are Well Underway – No i3 RExs Are Being Delivered Though

For an answer regarding the status of the BMW i3 REx, we reached out to several involved parties.

First up was Chad Magendanz, a regular tipster to InsideEVs who just so happens to be Washington state representative 5th District.  Magendanz has on order a BMW i3 REx, so his interest in this topic is obvious.  Additionally, the state of Washington is home to BMW’s carbon fiber facility, located in Moses Lake, Washington.  A portion of Washington’s economy is dependent on the success of the BMW i3, so a concerned Magendanz sent an inquiry to the EPA.

Linc Wehrly, Director, Light-Duty Vehicle Center Compliance Division at the Office of Transportation and Air Quality for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (recipient of longest job position title ever), issued this response:

“Thank you for your inquiry into the status of the BMW i3 REx vehicle release. EPA tested the i3 REx and provided the results of that testing to BMW on May 13th. EPA is not aware of anything that would prevent BMW from importing the vehicles since May 13th.”

May 13th?  So, where the heck are the BMW i3 RExs with monroney stickers then?

BMW’s position had been that the i3 REx was on monroney hold or held up by the EPA pending certification.  Well, now that we know the EPA had completed its part of the task, we naturally had to reach out to BMW.

David Buchko, head of BMW product and technology communications, responded to our inquiry with this statement:

“We are moving as quickly as possible to release the first BMW i3 Range-Extender models to BMW i Centers. Receipt of test data from the EPA is one step, but not the final step, in the process of receiving certification from the EPA. Rules do not permit the release of vehicles for sale until EPA labels are finalized, produced and affixed to any vehicle. Barring any unforeseen delays, we expect that to happen by the end of this week.”

This still leads us only marginally closer to discovering what the actual i3 REx hold up is.  What we do now know is that the EPA is not responsible for the continuation of this delayed US launch of the BMW i3.

So, what is responsible for the delay?  We could speculate that perhaps California’s BEVx guidelines/rules are still presenting problems.  Or maybe, just maybe, the monroney sticker printer at BMW is in need of repair.

More likely is that BMW is completing the final steps in the EPA certification process.

Whatever the case, we sure hope i3 REx deliveries commence by the end of the week or early next week at the latest.

What’s your guess as to what is holding up the BMW i3 REx?

BMW i3 BEV Window Sticker - According To The EPA, A Window Sticker Exists For The BMW i3 REx - However, BMW Seems Unwilling To Put It On The Car To Start Selling It

BMW i3 BEV Window Sticker – But Where’s The i3 REx Sticker?

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Maybe the EPA’s printer just ran out of toner and everyone is too lazy to replace it? (happens in my office all the time)

Pretty funny!

Actually, I think they needed to print a form to submit for the replacement of the printer cartridge. 😉

The EPA doesn’t print the labels. BMW does.

My guess is: Time traveling Execs from Big Oil don’t want you to have them!!! 😉

Either that, or Aliens…


Not saying it was the case of additional delay, but it seems like the CA BEVx thing was more hassle than it’s actually going to be worth. Hopefully the i5 or whatever will be a larger i3 REx with a higher capacity fuel tank and slightly higher output generator to guarantee 75 mph uphill with all comfort features enabled and 4 adults. 🙂

Not at all. BMW needs those ZEV credits – otherwise they have to actually sell a lot of i3 BEV, instead of REx. Imagine that !

Only 4 full working days have passed since BMW got the info back from the EPA.

Anyone who has ever worked with a multi-national corporation, where there has to be communication overseas to very different timezones understands that this is just normal corporate timing on getting things done.

BMW has to mock-up, approve, and print thousands of labels, and then physically attach them to thousands of vehicles. Where does BMW print their labels? Do they have to be shipped, or made by a contractor?

Sorry, but I don’t see any “delay” going on anymore. This is now just normal processing time, like transportation time, new car prep time at the dealership, etc.

The only real news left on this issue, is what exactly will the label have on it? We were teased that it would be different than the i3 pure electric, but no details on what the label will actually say?

News? Eric just loves speculative fiction, so we indulge him. 😉

I like speculative fiction too.. 😉

The way a certain party & it’s fans say it, I thought only the government is slow. Private companies are all super efficient (or the market will take care of them).

And private websites never go down either. Just like InsideEVs has never gone down. 🙂

…story checks out

I look forward to getting some in-depth reviews on the version with the REx. I think BMW is onto something with this design but they didn’t quite get it right. And of course part of the blame may be the desire for CARB credits.

I like the bigger AER, just need an engine that can put out more HP and a bigger gas tank.

(and a single color paint job)

Volt had “two tone” paints too until 2013 model year…

Per the BEV sticker: 27KWH for 100 miles.

Damnit, BMW . . . why don’t you offer a 30KWH battery as an option!?!? That would ease the worries of so many people.

I mean no offense to anyone associated with this site, but…

I will be very happy when EVs are so common that minor delays like this are no longer considered newsworthy.

I know, I know… New tech, growing pains, we’re all hyper-interested and adjusting to our new reality, yadda yadda.

Sometimes, even major technological revolutions can happen at an agonizingly slow pace.

I have to agree… This whole “delay” excitement is virtually a non-event that does not deserve the attention it is getting.

One low key report of the facts would have been adequate rather than unfounded speculation spin.

Maybe they are adding the button to allow the engine to come on sooner to avoid performance loss……